How much is your time worth?

You’re spending a lot of time on the same old social media routine.
Edgar can change all that.

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Most marketers spend 6 hours or more on social media every week.

4 out of 5 marketers plan their content at LEAST a day in advance of actually posting it.

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Effective social media marketing takes a lot of time and work - and that time can add up fast.

Edgar gives that time back to you, so you can spend less of it on social media busywork and more of it on things that count.


Thousands of users like you are saving hours a day using Edgar.

With Edgar on your side, you can finally say goodbye to the time-consuming busywork that monopolizes your social media routine. Busywork like:

  • Compiling a list of the evergreen content you want to promote
  • Determining which updates you want to publish, and mixing them with new ones
  • Loading your updates into a scheduling tool
  • Organizing and reorganizing your queues, so you’re sharing the right content at the right times

Whether you’re posting your content live or manually cultivating an ever-dwindling queue, it’s an endless cycle of wasted time - all so you can post updates that most of your followers won’t even see.*


What if Edgar did it instead?

When you upload status updates into Edgar, he saves them forever and uses them to replenish your queue automatically. He even lets you choose what types of updates to post at what times, so you don’t have to worry about manually rearranging them - upload once, and he does the rest.

Have a massive back catalogue of content you want him to share? Use Edgar’s RSS upload feature, and he’ll save you the trouble of uploading everything one-by-one. (He’ll even check it for you automatically in the future, so you never have to manually share a blog post again.)

Since you never have to worry about your queue running low, you can pop in new updates whenever you feel like it. (You can even use Edgar’s swanky browser plugin to add new updates into your content library from anywhere on the web.)

Over time, he’ll automatically share your updates again and again, so they get additional chances to be seen by new people instead of going to waste.

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For $49 a month**, Edgar takes care of tasks that used to take hours of your time every week, so you can spend that time on better things.

What are Edgar’s users saying?

Edgar’s a great employee, now I spend 90% less time in social media, so I have much more time for things that give more revenue in my business. I now spend around one hour a month uploading content, and the content does not get lost, it grows!

César Ariel Sandoval |

We have been using Edgar for a few months now and it has saved me many hours....DAILY. I think Edgar has allowed me to bring life to our brand and give it more of a personality. In the past it was hard to be more conversational because I didn't have a lot of time to respond to followers, instead I was focused on scheduling content! ICK!

Jennifer McCann |

Now I spend most of my time on Twitter engaging my audience rather than trying to publish content. My retweets and my audience have increased!

Mira Johnson |

I was wasting a ton of time scheduling content each week. A lot of times it was difficult to remember that older content still needed to be put in the funnel as well. Edgar saves me at least 16 hours a week.

Eric Foutch |

How Edgar measures up

A subscription to Edgar costs less than...

  • A cloud storage subscription for your business
  • A toner cartridge
  • 101 postage stamps
  • A cup of coffee every morning
  • A grande latte with 58 extra shots every month
  • Taking a date to the movies twice a month
  • A gym membership

For about $12.25 a week, Edgar gives you back hours and hours of time.

Time you could spend on things like:

  • Flying a kite
  • Learning to play the harp
  • Reading more books
  • Practicing your Tai chi
  • Actually running and growing your business

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