Want to double your traffic?

Edgar makes it easy on social media - find out how.

Want to double your traffic?

Edgar makes it easy on social media - find out how.

Edgar reuses your best content to bring in more views

Web traffic usually follows a predictable pattern: it spikes when new content is released and quickly tapers off.

Edgar turns traditional traffic on its head by bringing in new visitors each time he posts!

Edgar reuses your best content to bring in more views

Web traffic is predictable: it spikes when new content is shared, then quickly tapers off. Edgar shares your content again and again over time, so you keep on getting new visitors!


How Edgar Works

Create a categorized content library

Everything you publish with Edgar is stored in an organized library and arranged into categories, like “Quotes,” “Blog Posts,” or “Cat Puns.” To save even more time, you can add content in bulk or connect him to an RSS feed.

Schedule content by category

Create a schedule that tells Edgar when to publish from each category. That way, he always knows what types of status updates to post at which times, sharing the right variety of content automatically.

Never refill your queue

When Edgar makes his way through all the new content in a category, he’ll simply start recycling older updates. He’ll never run out of things to say, and your posts will be seen by a new audience, bringing more traffic your way!

An automated queue that never runs out of content

Your library is organized into categories, and your schedule is built around the types of things you want to post. Once you define your categories and schedule, Edgar makes sure your queue is never empty – ever.

When he’s published everything from a category, Edgar re-shares older updates that people might have missed the first time around – and every time he does, you can get brand new traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Edgar can share updates through Twitter, Facebook (profiles, pages, and groups), and LinkedIn (profiles and company pages). Connect your accounts, mixing and matching personal and professional profiles under a single Edgar account, in any combination you wish. Want multiple Twitter accounts? All Facebook profiles? Go for it!

As many as you want! Go wild. Live without limits. Edgar’s got your back.

Both the monthly and annual Edgar plans allow for 25 accounts. With those accounts, you get an unlimited library, unlimited categories, and 1,000 time slots. An “account” is defined as one social media profile; so, for example, a LinkedIn profile is considered an account, as is a Facebook group. (Need more deets? Check out the Account Limits help page!)

Sure can! Edgar has a deep and longstanding appreciation for the visual arts, selfies included. He supports GIF, JPEG, and PNG files, up to 3 MB in size. Images larger than 1000 pixels on their longest side will be automatically resized down to 1000 pixels – which is still huge by social media standards!

Edgar displays a queue of every upcoming post for the next two weeks, so you can see which updates are scheduled for what times. He also gives you the power to skip or delete posts as you wish.

Edgar offers monthly, no-obligation subscriptions, as well as annual plans with special incentives. You can switch plans at any time from your account settings.

Edgar’s friendly to seasoned pros and total newbies alike. Whether you’re adding a wealth of content from an existing spreadsheet or just starting out, Edgar’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to build, maintain, and manage a full library of social media updates.

Absolutely! Edgar gives you the option of choosing the exact date and time that an update is shared. You’ll still have the freedom to add it to any of your categories, or to save it as “Use Once” so that it never repeats – perfect for special occasions and one-time announcements.

Nope! Edgar works in your web browser without the use of plugins, downloads, or software. Edgar is designed to work in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. He also offers a handy dandy Chrome app, as well as a bookmarklet tool that’s perfect for Safari and Firefox users. And of course, he’s fully mobile-browser friendly!

“Overall my social media traffic is up 95.72% so I’m getting almost double the traffic from Social Media.”

Tim Grahl