"I have had nothing but positive results and feel much more organized"

Yup, that’s what a real customer said about MeetEdgar! Your brand IS your business. So you’re understandably picky about making sure that every status update you send is perfectly *you*.  BUT, babysitting your social is starting to feel like a full time job. You need to automate, but not in a way that messes with your brand integrity or makes you look like a spambot. Yeah, we got you.

How Edgar Out-Performs Those Other Social Media Tools

Stop Writing Status Updates

Edgar uses machine learning to read through your blog post (or podcast transcript, or landing page . . . you get the idea) and generates pull-quotes for your social media updates. You can see it in action right here. This saves you hours of figuring out “what to say” on social media, while still making sure that all of your updates are in *your* unique voice.

Show Off Your Core Content, Forever

MeetEdgar lets you take your entire back-library of evergreen content and regularly post that “best of” collection that highlights your business’ core philosophy. Get off the content-creation treadmill. Edgar lets you build up a collection of core content, then keep it in your social rotation.

Split Test Each Post, Automagically

Wanna know which post on social got you the most clicks? So do we. That’s why we automatically split test your updates and show you the performance of each one, so you can keep writing more effective posts.

We ❤️ Entrepreneurs

Check out our plans page and you might be surprised. There are no options for agencies or huge companies. That’s because we’re a female-founded, bootstrapped business who gets to pick who we loooove working with – and that’s you!

Get your social media sorted, for free!

Get your social media sorted, for free!

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