Stop your “throwing spaghetti” strategy and let an expert octopus step in.

Edgar Lite


For freelancers, side hustlers, and growing brands

  • 3 social accounts
  • Unlimited scheduled posts
  • 10 recurring time slots per week
  • 4 content categories



For entrepreneurs and small businesses

  • 25 social accounts
  • Unlimited scheduled posts
  • 1,000 automatically recurring time slots per week
  • Unlimited customizable content categories

Edgar Lite


For freelancers, side hustlers, and growing brands

  • Unlimited scheduled posts
  • 3 social accounts
  • 10 automatically recurring time slots per week
  • 4 content categories



For entrepreneurs and small businesses

  • Unlimited  scheduled posts
  • 25 social accounts
  • 1,000 automatically recurring time slots per week
  • Unlimited customizable content categories

All Plans Include

  • Automation for all your social accounts in one place
    • Facebook Pages & Groups
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn Profile & Company Pages
    • Instagram (with our iOS and Android apps)
    • Pinterest
  • Unlimited content library
  • Suggested Variations and other content creation tools to help you write your posts 5x faster
  • Unlimited content feeds to automatically import your newest blog posts, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, and more… right as they publish!
  • The best support in the biz from our human non-octopus customer happiness team
  • Premium social media courses, live office hours, content batching parties, and user-only webinars hosted by Team Edgar

We proudly offer a discount to our military and non-profit users. Learn More.

What Our Customers
Have to Say About Edgar

“Using Edgar has changed the game! Each of my accounts have experienced increased traffic and engagement. Like night and day!”

Jamie M. Robinson


“Why do I happily pay Edgar to handle the majority of my social media scheduling needs? Because I get to do the work once, and essentially get paid for it over and over again.”

Nathalie Lussier

“My social media performance has definitely gotten stronger since using Edgar. My engagement has shot way up, and I’m seeing my follower counts grow as well.”

Jennifer Gresham



Do I need a credit card to sign up for Edgar?

You’ll need a credit card to start your trial, but your first 7 days are on us!  After your free trial, your credit card will be charged and your subscription will continue at the pricing tier you choose at signup.

You can cancel at any time during your free trial, and you won’t be charged a single dime.

What if it’s not for me?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked. You can do this on your own on your account page, without having to speak to a human (or octopus!) or wait for a response. No awkward conversations, no hard feelings!

Can I change my plan later?

Absolutely! Just reach out to our team at and we’ll help you switch to the Edgar plan that best fits your needs. You can do this at any time during your subscription, whether you’re brand new or years down the line.

What makes Edgar different?

Similar to others, every Edgar plan lets you post immediately or save and schedule posts for later.

But what really sets Edgar apart is his ability to automate your social media posting.

You tell Edgar what type of content you’d like to publish and when. Then, Edgar automatically pulls posts from your content library to share every single week. Publish what you want, when you want it, without lifting a finger.

Don’t have a big backlog of posts to share? Don’t sweat it. Edgar can automatically whip up tons of different content variations for every blog post or article you add to your library, giving you more options to send. Once Edgar makes his way through your content library, he’ll keep reworking your evergreen posts back into your schedule to fill in any gaps. Whenever you publish new blog articles, videos, podcast episodes, and more, Edgar can even automatically add posts to promote them into your rotation, your social channels are continually promoting your business, even when you’re not.

What exactly is a content category and a content library?

Every social media update you create with Edgar gets saved in your content library.

You choose how Edgar categorizes your content. You can use the categories Edgar provides, or customize your own. Content categories help Edgar know what types of content you want to post and when. They also keep your content library organized, so you can keep track of specific campaigns or make sure you’ve got the mix you want of promotional content and other types of posts.

How many categories do I need?

That depends! Many people stick with the 4 categories Edgar suggests (General, My Blog Posts, Promotions & Specials, Recommended Reads) and find that’s plenty for them! 

But if you want finer-grained control over the mix of posts Edgar automates for you or you want more organization in your content library, you may find you’ll prefer more.

How many recurring time slots do I need? Does this mean I can only schedule 10 (or 1,000) posts per week?

No matter which Edgar plan you choose, you can always schedule as many individual posts as you’d like. 

The number of recurring time slots you need each week depends on how much you want done on auto-pilot! Setting up more time slots means that Edgar will automatically share posts from your content library more frequently, giving your content more chances to be seen by your audience.

Sharing consistently means more opportunities for engagement and more traffic back to your site. Edgar’s automatically recurring schedule allows you to always be posting what you want, when you want it, week over week, for as long as you want.

But what happens when Edgar runs out of posts to send?

With other social media tools, when there’s nothing left in your queue, your social media channels go silent. 

But Edgar knows that an inactive feed can’t generate engagement or traffic for your business. When you set up a recurring schedule with Edgar, he makes sure to refill your queue automatically every single week. 

When everything in your content library has been shared once, Edgar circles back and reworks all those evergreen hits into your schedule once again. That means that even when you’re taking a break from creating new content, your social channels will continue to post and promote your business. 

And for platforms that have specific content restrictions (like Twitter), Edgar’s Suggested Variations is a lifesaver (or at least, an “island vacation miles away from WiFi”-saver)! In one single click, Edgar will whip up additional content variations for every blog post or article you want to share, keeping your content library filled to the brim with unique publishable content. 

Don’t want a post to repeat? No problem. Every time you save a post in Edgar, you have the option to tell him it’s meant to just Use Once or if it should be taken out of rotation after a certain date.

What happens if I need help getting set up? How does your customer support work?

In addition to super-fast email support, we hold regular office hours sessions for new members (like you!) and monthly workshops for all of our users. This is where you can get your questions answered face-to-face, and get personalized, expert tips for getting your Edgar account optimized for your business. 

We also hold regular webinars to help you learn tried and true social media strategies, update you on the latest trends, and hear from some of the best voices in the industry about using social media to accelerate your business!