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Facebook Live? Facebook Videos? How do I choose?

Internet video will account for 79% of global Internet traffic by 2020. 79%!

The social media platform with the biggest investment in the space? You guessed it: Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg even went on record back in March of 2016 saying that video, particularly live video, will rank higher than other formats in the News Feed. And while Facebook Live grabs all the headlines for better or worse, it’s not the only way Facebook does video. Read on to learn more about the different Facebook video formats and how to make the most of them!

Facebook Live

Facebook live

Facebook’s ginormous audience of 1.23 billion daily active users is reason enough to experiment with real-time video. While it may seem odd to think of people spending enough time on Facebook to watch live video, remember that people spend nearly an hour on Facebook every day! That’s an eternity in internet time – and a very captive audience.

Whether you are a Realtor taking your fans on a tour of their dream home or a yogi leading a class from your private group broadcast, Facebook Live is a huge opportunity to engage your fans with truly unique content. And Facebook found that people tend to like live video broadcasts more than pre-recorded ones – that means live video takes precedence in the News Feed.

Whether you start a Facebook Live broadcast spontaneously or schedule one for your fans, here are some examples of ideas for Facebook Live streams that can get tons of engagement and interest:

  • Invite influencers or guests to take over your broadcast
  • Go “behind-the-scenes” of your business or industry
  • Nurture existing clientele with an educational series
  • Host a Q&A about your latest book release
  • Give “insider” updates on an event or conference you’re attending
  • Show off your amazing snowboarding moves

Facebook Tip

Want step-by-step instructions on how to have an awesome Facebook Live experience? Check out our guide:
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Facebook Live doesn’t stop being valuable once you’re done streaming, either. At the close of your stream, your video saves and posts automatically to a specified audience: public, friends, or whatever subset of your audience you choose.

In other words, this is a BIG opportunity to drive even MORE views and engagement on your page! (Plus, Facebook’s real-time commenting feature is a fantastic way to interact directly and authentically with your viewers and fans.)

Facebook Video

Facebook video

AKA: just upload videos to Facebook.

There are over four billion video views on Facebook, every single day. Facebook encourages users to add videos directly to Facebook (as opposed to linking out to a video site like YouTube) for two major reasons:

  1. Native videos will play automatically in your fans’ News Feeds
  2. Facebook offers free analytics (via Video Insights) so you can track views on videos you post

Facebook is so bullish on video right now that they even offer up their video APIs to make the whole thing as simple as possible for you!

Facebook Tip

85% of all Facebook users watch videos on mute. So be sure to add captions to your videos to make sure your viewers don’t just scroll past!

Facebook 360

Facebook 360 is an immersive 3-D-like video format that adds an extra “WOW!” factor to videos – it’s like adding virtual reality to your Facebook posts!

Facebook 360

360 video allows viewers to rotate the camera and change their point of view – meaning they can explore a video environment in every direction. This is a cool, interactive, and immersive way to share videos with your fans – like showcasing a beautiful new home or showing off the breathtaking vistas from your latest retreat.

While making the most of Facebook 360 requires that you have a 360-degree camera (a special camera addition that simulates a multi-camera setup), you can use a panorama photo from your phone to create your own 360 Photo! Either way, if you’re looking to capture the increased engagement that comes from the “newness” of a format, 360 is one to check out.

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