10 Evergreen Content Examples (And Why They Work)

Written by Laura Roeder

On February 20, 2020

We’re big fans of evergreen content here at MeetEdgar. While we’ve shared the benefits of evergreen content, we wanted to show some evergreen content examples to help inspire your own.

We’ve previously talked about why evergreen content matters.

If you missed that post here’s a little TL;DR for ya!

Evergreen content:

But the real TL;DR is that using evergreen content helps you to maximize your resources. You can leverage one piece of evergreen content into months and even years of traffic. For busy content creators, it’s a no-brainer to add evergreen content into your content strategy.

But what type of evergreen content should you post? Instead of telling you, we’re going to show you 10 evergreen content examples and why they work!

evergreen content ideas

Answer Common Questions

We all have common questions that we are asked about our business, our products, or our industry. If you hear a certain question over and over, it’s a safe bet that people aren’t just asking you that question. They are probably Googling it as well. 

These two examples below are different takes on how you can find common questions. The first is from blogger and blogging coach, Cate Rosales. This piece of evergreen content revolves around a question many full-time bloggers hear all day, “What does a blogger do all day?” For Cate, many of the activities she does day to day will undoubtedly remain the same and she can always update the piece as she needs but the question will probably never stop getting asked. Come on, you know you’ve wondered about it a time or two!

This question also plays a role in her marketing funnel because if someone is considering becoming a blogger or taking their blog more seriously, they may ask themselves what other bloggers do or what activities they should do if they want to become a full-time blogger. And who better to learn from than a blogging coach?

evergreen content example faq

Another example of the commonly asked question format is answering some of the more beginner questions you hear around your niche or specialty. 

Simple Pin Media offers a brilliant example with its blog post, “The Complete Guide to Rich Pins on Pinterest.”  Simple Pin Media is a digital marketing agency specializing in, you guessed it, Pinterest. Rich pins are a newer feature of Pinterest and anyone who is interested in improving their Pinterest strategy will Google “What are rich pins on Pinterest” or “How to use Rich Pins on Pinterest.” When they do, they’ll find a complete guide written by Simple Pin. 

evergreen content example faq 2


Ultimate Guides

The “Ultimate Guide” is one of the more popular types of evergreen content. Ultimate guides will solve a common question or problem by breaking it down into bite-sized, step-by-step explanations.

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income does this very well, especially in this guide to creating and selling an online course. Creating and selling a course is a huge undertaking with lots of different steps involved in it. Pat covers it all, which means he can capture traffic who are searching for information on different parts of the process. The post is also frequently updated to keep it valuable to audiences.

evergreen content ultimate guide



An alternate option to creating the ultimate guide is to create an ultimate checklist. Checklists provide value in an easy-to-consume and condensed way. Checklists are evergreen content that is easy to repurpose too! You can easily turn a checklist into a downloadable PDF, a SlideShare presentation, or a marketing video. Our example from CopyBlogger offers their checklist in the article and as a downloadable PDF so users can refer to it every time they

evergreen content example checklist

Common Mistakes or Lessons Learned

We all want to avoid mistakes, right? And when given the chance, we’d rather learn from other people’s mistakes than make them on our own.

One way to utilize this type of evergreen content is to address common or beginner mistakes in a certain niche, like Jeff Bullas, did in this article about 15 common mistakes in social media marketing.

evergreen content example mistakes

You can also frame this by sharing lessons you learned, like Stevie from Stevie Says Social did! This is a more personal take on evergreen content. It’s a fantastic way to be personal and share a bit of your story with your audience while still providing value by sharing the mistakes they can avoid.

evergreen content example lessons learned

Case Studies

Case studies can be framed as a story, which is one of the most compelling types of content you can create. It also shows real-world results to your audience. It can show you as an expert, show your audience what you can do and it offers your audience a chance to connect with a story. As an added bonus, it gives a little spotlight to your customers! The online course platform Podia frequently shares their users’ success stories.

evergreen content example case studies


Lists of tools and resources are other popular types of evergreen content because people are always looking for tools. The trick is to keep updating these pieces as Backlinko does with their list of SEO tools. Tools are always changing and coming onto the market so if you want your list to be the most extensive and complete, schedule reminders to update your evergreen list of tools and resources on a regular basis.

evergreen content example resources


A glossary or dictionary might not be the most exciting piece of content but it can act as great evergreen content. Depending on your niche, you may have industry-specific terms that beginners want to learn. This type of evergreen content often amasses many backlinks because other bloggers or content creators will link to glossaries if they use buzzwords in their articles. Search Engine Journal’s Glossary of SEO terms is one of the best examples of a complete evergreen glossary.

evergreen content example glossary


The history of an industry, product, service or niche may not seem like riveting content but it can be and it can be very successful evergreen content! If you use dates or statistics, this type of content will often be linked to in other articles around the topic. The Social Media Today infographic of the History of Social Media is a fantastic example of a visual piece of evergreen content that is entertaining and valuable.

evergreen content example history infographic



Hopefully, these evergreen content examples inspire you! Just remember, when it comes to evergreen content, you’ve got your options. for what you create. The most important thing is that you create some type of evergreen content!

Oh and don’t forget to promote your evergreen content! This type of content can become an important part of your social media strategy and you can turn one piece of content into months or even years of social content! Find out how to do it and download 20 post ideas for one piece of evergreen content.

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