How Edgar Works

Understanding Evergreen Content and How the Platform Works

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is content that is still relevant and valuable, long after it’s been published. In other words, it’s not based on timely trends or news. If something is still valuable to your audience, then why not re-share it?

You can use our platform to re-purpose and re-share your most valuable content in an automated and seamless way! 

MeetEdgar Flow for Evergreen Content

Understanding Edgar's Flow.

Edgar has a very simple flow where you just need to load evergreen content to the platform and our helpful octopus friend and his many arms will do the rest (yes, arms, octopuses don’t have tentacles!) It all starts with Categories, Content, Schedule and Queue.

Keep your Evergreen content organized with Categories

Organize your posts in Categories in a way that works best for you, your business, your followers, and your marketing content strategy.

Add Your Content in Minutes

Add Content to your library in a few steps. 

Try Auto Import to Speed Things Up

Edgar also helps you import your evergreen content and create variations for your posts. Check out our guides for Content Variation and Imports.


Schedule Your Evergreen Content

 Now that you have Categories and content added to the platform, it’s time to create your time slots and let Edgar do his job!

Add time slots to each day of the week at the times you’d like Edgar to publish for you. Then, Edgar will follow these publishing rules week after week, automatically pulling content from your categories to post for you, without needing to hand-schedule every post. 

Always Know What's Scheduled in the Queue

Edgar’s Queue displays posts that it intends to publish for you based on your weekly recurring schedule for the next two weeks.





MeetEdgar Evergreen Content Queue

How the Queue Works

The Queue works on a last in, first out rule (LIFO) so your last post added to a Category will be the first one to appear on your Queue. Don’t want LIFO? Shuffle your Categories instead for a random publishing order.



Do you feel that you'd prefer to learn it all from an Edgar expert instead? We've got you! Join us on a call. We have multiple slots available every week. We can't wait to meet you!