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Meet Edgar 👋, your Facebook scheduling assistant

Edgar schedules Facebook posts for your groups and business pages, so you never forget to post.

schedule facebook posts with meetedgar to save time and reach a wider audience

Here’s how Edgar does it:

Select your facebook accounts

select the category for your post

4 Save the post

Add your content

Import your evergreen content into Edgar’s library or let Edgar create Facebook post variations for you.

Set your schedule

Schedule your Facebook post and select the accounts to publish to. That’s it!

Choose your category

Select the category you want Edgar to pull your Facebook post from.

Save the post

Save your time slot and let Edgar take care of the rest! 

Why use Edgar to schedule your Facebook posts? We can give you a million reasons, but here are the best:

Eliminate your Facebook scheduling worries​ with meetedgar

Eliminate your Facebook scheduling worries

Have you ever wondered what to post to Facebook and when? Edgar is the solution! Save hours on social media by taking the guesswork out of posting. Set up your posts once and have them automatically posted for you at the perfect time each day.

Stop procrastinating and start auto-posting to your Facebook now! 

Keep your content in one place, forever

Other social media tools erase your content once you post it, but not Edgar. We know you spend hours crafting the perfect post and with our Content Library, you can keep your evergreen content in one easy-to-access location. Build a post queue to keep up with your deadlines and stay ahead of schedule. 


Facebook social media scheduler
Maximize reach with detailed reporting on your social media posts

Get insights and maximize reach

Our detailed Facebook analytics and suggestions to make sure your posts go out when you want them to. Track your growth and engagement over time so you can post more of what works and less of what doesn’t. 

Edgar evaluates your social media activity and provides you with detailed information about where you can boost engagement and reach new audiences.

FAQs about Facebook scheduling with Edgar

If you are looking for a social media scheduling tool to automate your posts on social media, then Edgar has you covered. This works for both Facebook groups and your business page. 

Follow these steps to automate Facebook posts with Edgar.

  1. Click the Add New Content button
  2. Select your Facebook account from the accounts menu
  3. You have the option choose your category or you can leave your update as “General”.
    Read more on how categories help organize your content
  4. Type your update, add links, images or video. Select Preview if you would like to preview how your post will look on Facebook
  5. Click Advanced Settings to choose your scheduling option
  6. If you only want this content to be used once, you can select the Use Once option and Edgar will send out your content when it comes up in your schedule
  7. Or if you want your post to automatically publish once at a specific time, you can select Use Once option and then set a specific time and date below
  8. Congratulations! You scheduled your first Facebook post with MeetEdgar! 

Whether you’re a real estate agent or small business owner, most businesses have a social presence and you should too. With enough planning, you can build up a steady stream of high-quality, engaging posts that drive engagement and boost your follower numbers.

Here are just a few reasons why you should schedule your Facebook posts with MeetEdgar:

  • You can post consistently at the same time on the same days so your audience always knows when they’ll hear from you.
  • You can reach multiple time zones to attract a broader audience.
  • You can use the time saved posting by actually engaging with your audience. 

The content you should post and the times when you should post it are unique to you, your business, and your audience. Check your Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics to see when your audience is most likely to be online and when your posts get the most engagement. 

Learn more about the best times to post.

You can schedule posts years in advance with MeetEdgar! 

Yes, you can schedule multiple posts to your Facebook Groups as well as your Facebook Business page. 

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