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Generate more leads with less effort.

Edgar users report saving 8 hours managing their social channels. That’s valuable time saved that you can spend expanding your reach and building your brand!

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Digital Marketers Use MeetEdgar to...

Expand social reach

By recycling content from your MeetEdgar Content Library, you can expand your reach on a continual basis.


Create value for your audience

With features like automatic updates and automated recycling, you can be sure that your posts are always timely and interesting for your audience.


Increase conversion rates

Our detailed analytics data provides insight into your social media performance. Track your progress, identify areas for improvement, and watch your conversion rates soar.


Build customer satisfaction & brand loyalty

Posting consistently allows you to connect with customers on a deeper level, creating an ongoing relationship that builds trust and strengthens your brand.

Be accountable

Grow your audience by tracking your content’s performance. A/B test with content variations. Edgar helps you understand what type of content your audience likes best.


“Until now I just haven’t had the resources to give social media the attention it deserves, so this has changed my world overnight! We’ve seen a small but significant uplift in retweets almost immediately…”

Ben Neale

Key Benefits

Find more leads

Expand your social reach with MeetEdgar. With features like unlimited scheduled posts, automated updates, and multiple user accounts, MeetEdgar makes it easy to maintain a social presence while building a community of followers.

Find more leads

“It’s true. I totally have those little cartoon hearts in my eyes.”

Kelsey Bourne
Social Media Strategist

Build your brand

Build brand loyalty

Brand loyalty isn’t only created through superb customer satisfaction. Customers flock to brands they trust. When you’re posting regularly, your followers rely on you. Our bottomless Content Library ensures you’ll always have something to say.

“Not only does Edgar solve the problem of buffering evergreen content delivery in an elegant way, it helps you optimize the content you deliver…”

Neal Schaffer
Author of Maximize Your Social

Get Your Message Across Effectively

As a digital marketer, it’s important for your message to get through to your customers. With A/B testing and content variations so you can test what works and what doesn’t.

Our MeetEdgar algorithm analyzes your social media activity, giving you detailed insights into where you can improve engagement and reach new audiences.

Build brand loyalty

“Using Edgar has changed the game! Each of my accounts have experienced increased traffic and engagement. Like night and day!”

Jamie M. Robinson

Build your brand

Build Your Brand Without Worrying About It

We integrate with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn so you’ll never manually input a post again!

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