Social Media Guides

Looking for help with your social media? Not sure the difference between SEO and SMO? MeetEdgar has the expert answers to your questions about all things social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more!

MeetEdgar's Platform-Specific Guides

The Facebook Marketing Guide

Brush up on Facebook marketing fundamentals and learn about the latest developments, tactics, and small business strategies with our Facebook marketing guide.

The LinkedIn Marketing Guide

LinkedIn isn’t just for job searching anymore! Learn how to optimize its unique content channels to make business connections and drive traffic to your site.

The Twitter Marketing Guide

94% of people plan to buy from small businesses they follow on Twitter. Is yours ready to take advantage of this golden opportunity?

The Social Media Optimization Guide

SEO, SEM, SMO – what do they all mean, and what’s most important? Our guide has everything you need to know to start putting your social media to work for you.

Additional Resources

Social Media Marketer’s Beginner’s Guide
When you’re a small business on a budget, strategic social media marketing is just plain SMART. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Skeptic’s Guide to Social Media Automation
Everything you need to know about how to automate your social media to save time, drive sales, and 2X, 4X, even 10X your site traffic.

Want your social media handled automatically?