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How do I build a more engaged fanbase on Facebook?

We’ve spent a lot of time analyzing Facebook marketing tactics. (Just click that dropdown menu and select “Facebook Marketing” to see what we mean.)

And while there are many ways to get likes for your business Page – including creating and paying for ads – before you shell out your hard-earned cash, our experts came up with a three-step Facebook Content Marketing Overview to help you get people interested in your Page for free:

Here’s how to build Facebook posts that people will click on

Make your Facebook page into a destination on its own

Facebook wants you to remember that there’s more to life than the News Feed. So make your page a fun place to visit by encouraging your fans to interact on your Page. That means YOU have to jump in and engage with them, too!

Regularly ask questions, share photos, and tell stories. Like and comment on other Pages as your Page. And don’t forget to customize your Page, too! There are tons of layout options that you can pick and choose from to add a little flair to your business’ Facebook presence!

Facebook Tip

Facebook Reactions are now more valuable than likes. You can increase engagement just by encouraging people to react a certain way – by dropping hints in your posts!

Customize your link previews for more clickable updates

Do your links look like this?

Facebook link preview

We wouldn’t want to click on that, and we bet you wouldn’t either!

Good custom link previews are critical to gaining your audience’s trust. If your links are sensationalist, clickbait-y, or boring (like the example above) people are just going to stop clicking. Take the time to create better, more thoughtful posts with a personal touch:

custom Facebook link preview

Customizing your link previews and writing stronger updates makes it a lot easier to grab someone’s attention – here’s how to write one that’s downright irresistible:

  1. Write a headline that tells the story, but not the WHOLE story. Give enough details for the reader to understand what to expect, but don’t be a deliberate tease – Facebook can actually detect clickbait-style headlines automatically, and you could be penalized for writing them. (If you get stuck, check out our guide on how to write awesome headlines here.)
  2. Write a link description that contextualizes the headline. (They don’t call this a “link preview” for nothing!) You have a limited amount of room to work with, so keep it snappy. If you don’t want to edit your link description using your blogging platform, a social media scheduling tool like Edgar will allow you to do it right there in the app.
  3. Choose an eye-catching featured image to go with your update. Images can have a huge impact on shareability, so you should have plenty to choose from right there in the blog post you wrote! (And again, a tool like Edgar will allow you to upload one when you’re scheduling your status update, if you prefer.)
  4. Write a status update to go with your link! This text appears before your link preview, so it’s the perfect place to introduce or react to the information you’re sharing. Facebook judges your “authenticity” by many metrics, but this is a big one.

And don’t forget to make your Facebook link previews as effective as possible for both desktop and mobile!

Automate your Facebook posting

Finally, we recommend using automated social media tools like Edgar to schedule status updates. Automating your posting is a “hack” that larger companies use so that any time somebody reaches their Page, they’ll be greeted with new content – automatically.

social media automation tool Edgar

This doesn’t mean you never have to post again, or that you don’t have to interact with people on your Page! All social media automation does is make it so you don’t have to constantly check on your Facebook Page. Just be sure to post different types of content, and don’t always post the same link or update over and over with nothing else in between!

This is why we designed Edgar so that you can specify which types of updates get posted at which times, and so that you can shuffle the updates in any given category. This is how big brands recycle their content, so Edgar does it for you!

Facebook Tip

If you’re worried that slowing down your content creation means you’ll have less material to share on social, don’t forget –
everyone repeats their content these days!

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