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How can I get more views on my business’ Facebook posts?

Experimenting with promoted posts can have big benefits, but most Page posts in a person’s Feed are organic. (Curated by Facebook’s algorithms, natch – not organic from Whole Foods!)

In fact, the more Pages a person likes overall, the likelier it is that the Page posts they see are organic ones.

So before you shell out cash for ads or spend money to promote your posts, here are some things you can do to optimize the way you use your Facebook Page to get more eyeballs on your content for free.

Share irresistible content with your fans
Easier said than done, of course, but people can tell when you’ve put thought into a post and when you haven’t. Posts with engaging and relevant content hold more “weight,” so share stuff that grabs attention and triggers people to share and comment.

Add images to every. single. post.
Choosing an eye-catching featured image to go with your update can have a huge impact on shareability.

Encourage fans to interact with your posts!
Because your “affinity” depends on creating a relationship with fans, encouraging them to like, comment, and share your posts increases the odds that they’ll do just that! The more likes you have, the more chances you have to increase “affinity” with each individual user.

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Respond to Facebook Messenger inquiries faster
You may notice that your favorite business Pages show visitors how quickly the company responds to inquiries via Messenger. It turns out that responding to Facebook messages in a timely manner can increase your affinity with users – plus it’s just a nice thing to do!

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Post questions to get fans talking!
Questions can be related to your general industry or to popular topics. An example of an industry-focused question might be, “If you could only ask a life coach one question for free, what would it be?” or “What’s an app most people haven’t heard of that you love?” These questions spark creativity and personal opinions, which usually help get conversations started.

Add a call to action to your posts
Need to light a (virtual) fire under your audience? A simple prompt at the end of a post can be the spark you need! Don’t hesitate to tell your fans to like, share, and comment on your posts.

Most of all… post and post often! 
There’s no way of keeping your posts from dying off, but by posting several times a day you stay in your fans’ Feeds without having to worry too much about that pesky “time decay” eating up all your good Facebook karma.

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