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If you’re neglecting your LinkedIn profile, it’s time to make a change! While this site may not seem as hip as alternatives like Twitter and Facebook, its lineup of robust networking features makes it perfect for building and nurturing professional relationships – it just takes a little more getting used to, is all.

With more than 275 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network – but a LOT of businesses aren’t taking full advantage of its most sophisticated networking capabilities! That creates a huge opportunity for you, though, because learning to use LinkedIn effectively for your business and your personal brand can open plenty of brand new doors that you might never have known about otherwise.

Whether your profile has been gathering dust for months or you’ve never even really considered signing up at all, it’s time to give this social network its due. There’s more to life than Facebook, so quit letting the opportunities that LinkedIn can create pass you by – use this guide to get to know it a little better, and see how far it can take you!

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