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Can you believe that LinkedIn is one of the oldest social networks? Founded way back in 2002, LinkedIn had just 4,500 members when it launched – that’s pre-YouTube, pre-Facebook, and pre-Twitter.

Today, LinkedIn has more than half a billion users – gaining two new members every second of every day. While LinkedIn may not seem as hip as Snapchat, nor as massive as Facebook, its lineup of robust networking features makes it more than just a tool for job seekers and recruiters. It’s not a top-5 social network for nothing.

If you boil it down, LinkedIn is the digital version of a HUGE, souped-up mixer with 500 million party-going professionals. In fact, LinkedIn may actually be the most perfect platform for building and nurturing professional relationships – including with potential leads and your customers!  

Learning to use LinkedIn effectively for your business and your personal brand can open new doors that you might never have known about otherwise.

But many businesses aren’t taking full advantage of its most sophisticated networking capabilities – and curated marketing opportunities. LinkedIn offers native publishing and promotion, a web-based educational platform, a slide-hosting platform with over 70 million users, and a heck of a lot more.

It turns out that there’s more to life than Facebook! Use this guide to get to know LinkedIn a little better, create an amazing Company Page, and see how far LinkedIn can take you and your business!

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