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Looking for an amazing job? Good – because we’re always looking for amazing people. (And we can tell by the cut of your jib that you just might fit right in here.)

See, we created Edgar in 2014 so that professionals could manage their social media with more consistency and in less time. We’re adding hundreds of new users every month, and we want you to be a part of that growth!

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Please beware of hiring scams!

Open positions will always be listed in this section. Please beware of known hiring scams where an unauthorized third party might claim to be affiliated with MeetEdgar. Unfortunately, we can’t control this fraudulent behavior. All known incidents are promptly reported to the appropriate authorities.

What Makes Us Different?

We’re a totally self-funded business, which means we grow from actually being profitable. We’re 100% remote, so you can work from the comfort of your home office, local coffee shop, or underground nuclear fallout shelter. We know that a company culture that fosters creativity, success, and happiness takes more than the occasional free beer and a foosball table in the breakroom. (Nothing against foosball.)

Basically, we’re a small team of thing-doers, fun-havers, and goal-crushers. We plan for big successes, because those are always more fun. We don’t bother with office politics – it’s way too cliche, and also, we don’t have an office. (So, you can wear stretchy pants to work and no one will judge.)

We know we’re ridiculously lucky to have this crack squad of ambitious, kind, independent little nerds, and we want to keep that going by bringing in even more people who love geeking out about what they do and doing work they’ll be super proud of.

(And on that note, we’re an equal-opportunity employer genuinely committed to building a diverse team, and to fostering the type of inclusive environment in which diversity thrives.)

How We Work
100% Remote

Want a commute that’s only 30 seconds long? Think cats make the best officemates? Work with us, work from home, work in your ding-dang jim-jams. Our company was built to be distributed, so you’ll never feel left out for working remotely – it’s what literally all of us do!

Work Only During Work Hours

We want you to have a life outside the office – and we don’t believe in “make your own hours” policies that end up translating to “you’re on call pretty much all the time.” Clock out at the end of the day and don’t even think about checking on that inbox!

Own Your Wins

We hire people who are amazing at what they do – so we trust them to make their own decisions! Chart your own course, and we’ll give you what you need. (If we thought we knew better than the people we hire, we’d just do their jobs ourselves, you know?)

Self-funded & Profitable

Growing slowly and sustainably is a lot more fun than leaving your job security up to chance – or up to the outcome of your next round of funding. We don’t have investors to answer to, so we get to do things however we want! (Well, almost. Stay out of trouble, kids.)

Learn more about our values in our

Employee Handbook

Who You Are

Whatever your thing is, you’re pretty darn good at it (it’s okay to admit that), and you’re ready to show off what you’ve got. You can be plenty motivated without anyone staring creepily over the wall of your cubicle. In fact, forget the cubicle – work wherever you want, like the rest of us. You share your awesome ideas, give others honest feedback, and take ownership of both your big wins and the things that are turning out to be trickier than you expected.

Honestly? You’re someone who just wants to be creative, enjoy a pretty-serious-but-not-inhuman amount of responsibility, and surround yourself with people who make going to work not suck. (And be one of those people yourself. We like those people.) What you do is special. See what it would be like to do it here.

Wanna have a major hand in defining the look and feel of a product used by thousands? It’s what our Dev team does every day. (That, and perfecting their latest group dance routines.)

Own What You Build

The stories you work on are problems to solve, not orders to fill. Our developers are decision-makers, and we trust their insights – even though we vetoed the “pizza delivery drone” feature they proposed.

Programming in Pairs

Teamwork makes the dream work. (Technically, it makes Edgar work, but that’s not as snappy.) Pair programming opportunities allow you to share your expertise with other senior-level devs, and even learn a thing or two yourself.

Think Long-Term

“Everyone’s opinions aren’t just heard – they’re acted upon, with a willingness to do things the right way and keep tech debt in check.”
– Matt, Senior Developer

Pragmatic Processes

We bring together tools like GitHub, Slack, and Trello to create a lightweight process that focuses on writing quality code. (Isn’t it nice when things just make sense?)
Customer Experience

With oodles of ingenious advice and lightning-quick typey-fingers, our Customer Experience team helps keep Edgar’s thousands of users happy as heck.

Act with Autonomy

“Each team member is trusted implicitly to use their best judgment in creating the best customer experience possible. There’s no bureaucracy or red tape.” – Sarah, QA Lead

Be an Actual Problem-Solver

Don’t expect to have to send the same soul-sucking form responses day in and day out. Our philosophy is based on helping people find solutions to their problems and taking their feedback seriously – not forcing you to constantly repeat answers that nobody wants to hear.

Empowerment Through Information

“Having transparency in all communication, whether it’s Asana, Slack, or Trello, I always know where to look for information, and can quickly find the lead person to ask about a project.” – Megan, CS Pro

Making an Impact

“Every single person plays to win and to support the company as a whole. There’s no pressure, yet there’s always encouragement to play with other teams!” -Tyra, People Ops Manager


Our operations team pulls all the strings behind the scenes to make what we do possible. (“Puppetmasters” has kind of a negative connotation, but you get it.)

Empowering Others

From balancing benefits to onboarding new team members, our ops team makes it easy for people to get what they need so they can focus less on paperwork and more on doing their thing.

Do What Works (Ditch What Doesn’t)

“When something makes sense to act on, you might discuss it to flesh some ideas out, but then you just do it. It’s the most common-sense, no-nonsense approach to business and decision-making that I’ve been a part of.” – Sarah, Operations Advocate

Create a Better Workplace

We keep our focus on the people who work here, so we can shape a continually-improving work experience instead of constantly putting out preventable fires. (Well, metaphorical fires, anyway.)

Built for Remote

Who says you need an office to maintain a positive and exciting company culture? We’ve been 100% remote since day one, and our ops team is responsible for making sure every nook and cranny of the business gets the attention it deserves.


With an ever-growing arsenal of creative content, our marketing team spends every day making love connections between Edgar and the people who’ll benefit from him the most.

Freedom to Do Your Thing

“Everyone on the team is 100% in charge of their channel and responsible for reporting and explaining their tasks to the rest of the team – no micromanaging!” – Jessi, PR Specialist

Online Organization

Like the inside of a watch or a rousing game of Twister, an effective marketing team has lots of moving parts. Working remotely helps us stay organized and limber, and our processes as simple as possible.

No Ick Factor

“There’s no bell-ringing sales team, no quotas, and no jeopardizing our values for the sake of a stronger bottom line.” – Scott, Marketing Advocate

Open and Honest Communication

Everyone on our team works toward the same goal, and that means giving and receiving the feedback that helps us all improve. It’s better for our team spirit than trust falls, and moderately less likely to end with a bruised spleen.

We’re creating something different and we can’t do it alone!