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It’s official! MeetEdgar is now a Pinterest Marketing partner. You can now use Edgar’s powerful automation features to grow your brand with Pinterest and schedule Pinterest Pins so we’re celebrating with a Pinterest party!

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How to Schedule Pins with MeetEdgar

Pinterest is a powerful tool for small business owners, especially those of you who use content marketing to grow your business.  If you’re brand new to Pinterest, here’s a quick guide on Pinterest and how you can get started using it with MeetEdgar.

How to Connect Your Pinterest Account to Edgar:

Connecting your Pinterest account to MeetEdgar can be done in just a few simple steps! First, we recommend you have a Pinterest Business Account. Edgar will post to your personal Pinterest account but if you are using Pinterest to promote your business, then you should convert to a business account. Pinterest Business Accounts are free and you’ll have access to more detailed analytics about what Pins are working. Not to mention, you’ll have the ability to schedule video Pins from Edgar.

If you already have a Pinterest business account, click here to jump ahead to connecting Pinterest with Edgar. 

If you have a Pinterest personal account and need to change it to a Pinterest business account, click here to skip ahead.

If you want to start a new account or don’t have a Pinterest personal account, here’s how to create a Business account:

1. Head to Pinterest.com and select the “Sign Up” link in the corner.

2. A sign-up box will pop up and you’ll need to click the “Create a Business Account”

3. From there, enter your information, accept the terms and conditions and you’re all set.

How to Convert Your Pinterest Personal Account to a Business Account

If you have a Pinterest personal account and want to convert to a business account, you can do so in your account settings and selecting “Convert account” under Account changes. 

How to Connect Pinterest to Your Edgar Account:

Now that your Pinterest accounts are set up, let’s get them connected to Edgar! Click to your accounts page and select “Add Pinterest” from the options. Then a Pinterest prompt will appear asking you to authorize Edgar. Once you do that, you’re all set! 

edgar accounts page

How to Set Up Your Pinterest Schedule in Edgar

The first thing you’ll want to do is create your recurring schedule. You’ll see more success with Pinterest if you save Pins consistently rather than all at once. So we recommend setting up your weekly Pinterest posting schedule in the Schedule section of your Edgar account so Edgar is saving Pins on a regular basis for you.

You can create new categories for your Pinterest scheduling or use an existing category. You can even create a category for each board so that you’re posting to all of your Pinterest boards on a consistent basis.

You can create new categories for your Pinterest scheduling or use an existing category. You can even create a category for each board so that you’re posting to all of your Pinterest boards on a consistent basis.

schedule pinterest pins  

There’s no perfect time to post to Pinterest so instead of worrying about the best time to post, we recommend finding a consistent frequency where you can regularly share great Pins. You want to Pin often but you don’t want to Pin so much that you feel like you’re in constant creation mode. 

How to Schedule Pins to Pinterest from Edgar

Let’s get to the fun part of actually adding your Pins into Edgar! 

Select “Add New Content” to pull up the composer page, select “Pinterest” in the accounts section. Once you’ve selected Pinterest, you’ll be able to choose the board you want to publish to. Just click the Select the board drop-down menu to choose your board.
composer to schedule pinterest pins

Then choose the category you want the Pin saved to. Remember, this will help Edgar know when to post your Pin if you use the recurring schedule and it keeps your Pins organized in your library if you want to go back to edit or add variations to them.

Then, you can upload the image or video you want to Pin. (If you want to publish a video, you have to have a Pinterest business account. But we gotchu, just scroll back up to learn how to turn your personal account into a business account).

composer category for pinterest

If you enter a link in the description link box, then Edgar will automatically pull any images from that link and you can click any of those images to add it as the Pin or you can upload a separate image.

variations of pinterest pin

Once you have your image or video ready to go, you can add your Pin title, link, and Pin description. The Pin title and Pin link are in the “Pinterest settings” box under Attachments. The title is optional. If you don’t enter a title, Edgar will pull the title from the title tag of the link you share. We recommend adding one because titles are super important on Pinterest! They show up beneath your Pin on the feed. Make your title catchy so users want to stop their scrolling to look at your Pin.

In the “Post” section, you can write your description. You want your description to be descriptive about the content as you can and to include a keyword or the brand name in the first sentence. But don’t stuff keywords into your description! Make it natural. The goal is to get people to click your link and save your Pin so your description should be to the point and, well, descriptive.

schedule pinterest pin example

Then we recommend adding variations for each of your Pins. Why? Pinterest prioritizes fresh content and a “Fresh” Pin is defined as images or videos that haven’t been posted before. But you want to be consistently driving traffic to your link and you may need more than one Pin to do that. That’s why we recommend using our variations feature to create more Pins.

With variations, you can add different images, videos, and descriptions to create different Pins. That way, Edgar can consistently Pin for you, helping to drive more traffic to your links while staying in line with Pinterest guidelines and you can keep all the Pins for that link organized together.

And to help you stay in line with Pinterest’s guidelines, Edgar will automatically expire any variation that posts 5 times in one calendar month. It will then reactivate the following month if you want to continue to save it to your boards but for best practices, we recommend creating multiple variations.

There are two ways that you can add variations to your Pin. You can either select the “Manually add variation” button or the “Suggest variations” button. If you select to manually add a variation, you’ll simply repeat the exact steps above.

If you select “Suggest variations,” Edgar will automatically pull quotes and text from the link you added to create 5 different descriptions. You can edit the description or leave it the way Edgar suggested it. Then, you can add your Pin title and choose or add your image. Suggested variations are a simple and fast way to create multiple variations of your Pins.

You can also preview your Pins if you want to see how they’ll look on Pinterest. Select the Eye icon in the right corner of the variation.
preview the schedule pinterest pin

schedule pinterest pin preview

An important note on variations you need to know: Edgar posts variations in a “First in, Last Out,” order so the last variation you add will be the first variation that Edgar posts.  

Once you have your Pins ready to go, you have three different options for scheduling your content: “Save to Library,” “Send now and Save,” or “Schedule send and save.” 

If you select “Save to Library,” then your Pins will post to Pinterest at the selected time you chose in your recurring schedule.

If you select “Send now and Save,” Edgar will post the Pin to Pinterest right then, and then, he’ll save it to your library if you want to re-save the Pin to your library later or add variations in the future. 

If you select “Schedule send and save,” you can choose a time and date in the future for your pin to post, and then Edgar will save the Pin to your library if you want to re-save the Pin to your library later or add variations in the future. 


And there you have it! You saved your first Pins and you’re all set to supercharge your Pinterest strategy with Edgar.

Get started scheduling Pinterest pins with Edgar (and automating all of your social media scheduling) FOR FREE with a 7-day trial! Sign up here!

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