New Feature Alert: Edgar Can Write Your Status Updates for You (Seriously)

Written by Team Edgar

On August 20, 2018

Writing variations on your status updates in Edgar makes it easy for you to share the perfect balance of social media content and keep your social feeds looking fresh – and it just got even easier!

Now, Edgar can automatically generate variations for you – just write one status update with a link to some content, and he’ll create a bunch of alternatives you can save to your library!

Want to try it out for yourself? Give our suggested variation feature a test drive, no sign-in required right here!

social media publisher

When you write a social media update that includes a link, you can click the Auto-generate variations button, and Edgar will use that URL to generate a handful of variations:

You can edit or delete them before saving, and even add more variations of your own manually – it’s all up to you!

(It’s like magic, but with slightly fewer people being sawed in half.)

So, what are you waiting for?

Try out this feature for yourself here.

Or jump on over to your Edgar account, and see what kind of social media updates Edgar can create for you!

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