Use Pinterest Trends to Grow Your Traffic: A Guide

Written by Laura Roeder

On January 5, 2022
pinterest trend

Want to use Pinterest trends to create scroll-stopping content? You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re strapped for content ideas, or you’re looking to grab attention from a wider audience on Pinterest, this guide will help.

Today, you’ll learn how to find the most popular keywords on Pinterest and a simple three-step process of using them to shape your content strategy.

We’ll even share upcoming trends (with a prediction of our own!), so you can start preparing your Pins for the new year with rock-hard confidence.

(New to Pinterest? Start with our Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest.)

What Are Pinterest Trends?

Pinterest trends are keywords that people have been actively searching for on Pinterest within the past 12 months.

Typically, you use these trends to define or complement your content strategy.

Let’s illustrate this with an example.

Say you run an interior design company, and you notice the keyword “Christmas mantel decorating ideas” is trending. You could write a listicle and add your unique angle to stand out from the pack. In Ashley Luengo’s case, it’s 35 light and bright decorations with a vintage twist.

How To Find The Most Searched Words On Pinterest?

There are several ways to find the most searched keywords on Pinterest.

(In this article, we’ll use keywords and trends interchangeably as there’s a lot of overlap.)

If you want to search for the top 100 trends, visit Pinterest 100. This annual report by Pinterest predicts the top trends everyone should try in the new year. Fun fact: Out of the 100 predictions for 2021, Pinterest got 80% of them right.

What if you don’t want predictions but keywords that are trending within the past year? If that’s the case, you can’t go wrong with Pinterest Trends. Here’s what popped up when I searched for “vacation”.

pinterest analytics screenshot

Pro tip: Remember to look through the related terms below the trend graph. You’ll spot a few keywords that you haven’t thought of before.

Heads-up: Only folks in the US, UK, and Canada can access Pinterest Trends. If you live outside these countries, here’s how you can overcome this minor limitation.

Click the dropdown arrow next to your profile icon on the top right > Settings > Account settings (left menu).
Under Country/region, select United States. Click Done.

pinterest account

Go back to Pinterest Trends. You should see something like this:

united states pinterest trends

Great! Now you can start using it.

Pro tip: If you run an online business, go beyond searching for trends in the US. Hover your mouse over the country selection and select UK or Canada.

Are there other ways to find the most searched words on Pinterest? You bet.

Look at the autocomplete suggestions in the Pinterest search bar. These are the most popular search queries for your topic.

auto complete

There’s more.

After hitting enter, note the related terms below the search bar. These are sub-categories related to the main keyword in your niche.

Top Pinterest Trends

What are the most popular searches on Pinterest?

As the year ended, we saw a sharp rise in holiday and business-related searches. Let’s take a closer look and see how you can apply them in your Pinterest content strategy.

(Note: The following trends apply only in the US.)

Pinterest Trends In Christmas Searches

Unsurprisingly, Christmas searches rise at the end of the year. Of course, this isn’t relevant for the new year but something to keep in mind when you come to plan your Christmas Pinterest strategy.

christmas searches example

Users are flocking to Pinterest for festive ideas:

  • Christmas
  • Christmas truck
  • Christmas drawings
  • Christmas mantel decorations
  • Christmas centerpiece
  • Christmas lights on house exterior
  • Christmas phone backgrounds

Steal this idea for your Pins: Design Christmas greeting cards or mobile wallpapers to boost engagement, trust, and positive sentiment about your brand.

Lifestyle bloggers Maryal & Chris Carter collaborated with a designer and offered a bunch of free mobile wallpapers for their followers:


Pinterest Trends In Small Business Searches

COVID-19 is impacting businesses around the world. In Massachusetts alone, revenue for small businesses has dropped by 44%.
No wonder then, small business owners are visiting Pinterest for ideas and inspiration:

  • Small business
  • Small business tips
  • Small business ideas
  • Small business quotes
  • Small business packaging ideas

If you’re a solopreneur often working with small businesses, this could be an excellent way to reach them.

Note how Holly Reisem Hanna, Founder of The Work At Home Woman, wrote a massive resource list for small business owners on a shoestring budget.

pinterest trends december 2020

Steal this idea for your Pins: Show small business owners how they can run their businesses in the new (ab)normal (e.g., where to get the best deals on packaging supplies since customers are shopping online these days).

Interview thriving entrepreneurs on how they pivot their businesses and curate their tried-and-tested tips in a listicle!

Pinterest Trends In Goal Searches (Our Predictions)

New year. New start. New goals.

Pinterest is chock-full of ambitious users. Looking at past data, we predict we’ll once again see an increase in goal-related searches in January.

  • Goals
  • Goal planning
  • Goal setting
  • Goals bullet journal
  • Goals quotes
  • Goal quotes motivational

analytics for trends

Steal this idea for your Pins: Design a goal-setting worksheet or cheatsheet. To stand out from the sea of sameness, focus on your unique niche.

Faith Mariah, Founder of Radical Transformation Project, offers a downloadable mental health planner to help her readers track and improve their mood.

pinterest trends goal planning example

How To Use Pinterest Trends To Grow Your Pinterest Traffic

We’ve learned the different places to unearth popular keywords, how to use the Pinterest trends tool and the top Pinterest trends for Winter. What’s next?

In this section, you’ll discover how to apply these trends in your content strategy.

Here’s a straightforward three-step process recommended by Dylan Houlihan, Founder of Swift Salary:

  • Look at what’s trending on Pinterest trends
  • Select relevant trends and dig deeper for more information (e.g., assess related terms)
  • Record new content ideas in a spreadsheet and refresh old content/li>

Let’s break down each step.

1. Look At Current Trends

As you learned earlier on, there are multiple ways to find what’s trending on Pinterest:

  • Pinterest 100
  • Pinterest search trends (including autocomplete suggestions and related searches)
  • Pinterest Trends (including autocomplete suggestions, related terms, and weekly trends)

Pro tip: Refer to the rotating banners below the search bar to gather more popular keywords.

weekly pin ideas

Scroll down for more trending ideas across Pinterest’s popular categories, such as travel and food and drink.

2. Select Most Relevant Trends

It’s tempting to use all trends in your Pins, but you’ll end up creating irrelevant content that confuses followers.

Imagine creating a Pin on “Thanksgiving crafts” when you run a startup consulting practice. That would make an odd experience for your target audience!

That said, select the trends that are the most relevant to your work or website.

An entrepreneur who runs a coaching business in positive education might create a downloadable ebook based on the keyword “Christmas crafts for kids”.

Whereas a food blogger might create a free Thanksgiving desserts ebook for the keyword “Thanksgiving desserts”.



3. Record In Spreadsheets

For every new content idea you discover, put it in your spreadsheet.

Pro tip: Include trends even for content you’ve already created. Make monitoring a habit and promote your existing Pins when they’re popular again (e.g., if you published a goal-setting Pin last January, promote it again in the new year).

After all, effective content marketing isn’t just about creating content from scratch. Sometimes, it’s updating, repurposing, and remarketing them.

In your spreadsheet, create the appropriate columns as you see fit. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Pinterest trend / keyword / title
  • Pin URL
  • Repins
  • Blog category
  • Keyword search volume
  • Keyword competition
  • Blog post URL
  • Link to first draft (e.g., Google Docs)
  • Additional notes

If you’re optimizing your content for Pinterest and SEO like Dylan from Swift Salary, you might end up with a spreadsheet like this:

trends spreadsheet

Pro tip: Use colors to represent your Pin status (e.g., green for published posts) for easier reference.
And that’s it!

Now, do what you’d typically do. Create high-quality Pins, optimize it for SEO, and post on relevant group boards, you get the picture!

To start strong right out of the gate, schedule your Pins with Edgar.

This social media automation tool allows you to publish your content on Pinterest in just a few clicks.

Create your content, choose your time slots, and Edgar will do the rest.

edgar schedule example

Learn step-by-step how to schedule Pinterest Pins with Edgar.

Use Pinterest Trends To Strategically Plan Your Content

Will these trends help you create scroll-stopping content and attract attention from a wider audience on Pinterest? In short, yes.

We’ve covered a lot in this guide today. To recap, you’ve learned how to find the most popular keywords, the top trends, and how to use them to grow your Pinterest traffic.

Now all that’s left for you to do?

Start searching for trends!

Pick the most relevant ones for your business.

Jot down your ideas in a spreadsheet.

And watch your Pinterest analytics soar.

Edgar is an official Pinterest Marketing Partner. Use our scheduling tool to schedule Pins and save yourself hours of time. Sign up for a FREE 7-day trial and start automating your Pins today!


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