New Feature: Media Variations

Written by Maura

On September 30, 2020
media variations feature image

A few years ago, Fractl and BuzzStream did a study that revealed 21% of social media users surveyed unfollowed brands for posting repetitive or boring content.

There is simply no room on social media for boring and repetitive content.

That brings up the question: how do you maximize eyes on your content by resharing content without being boring?

Enter Variations!

Variations are exactly what they sound like: different variations on the same message. Think about a story you love to tell at parties. You probably don’t use the exact words, phrases, and sentences every time you tell that story. It’s likely you start it differently or include different details or tailor it depending on who you’re talking to.  Even with those changes and different details, you still tell the same story.

It’s the same idea with variations. You can use different headlines, phrases, emojis to mix up the content so it isn’t repetitive. This helps multiply the chances your content will get seen and clicked on by your audience! It also gives you the opportunity to test out a different copy to see what really engages your audience.

Edgar’s variations tool helps our users easily create different variations and experiment with different types of content. The way Edgar’s variation tool works is you can create a bunch of different variations for a specific link or message and then Edgar’s bundles them together like a stack of cards. Then Edgar alternates between stacks so your variations don’t post back-to-back.

edgar variations example

Now for the exciting news:

Edgar’s variations feature recently got an upgrade and you can now attach different images, videos, or link previews to each individual variation of your Edgar content!

Edgar’s Media Variations

Here’s what this feature looks like:

media variations example

As you can see we took one blog post and created 4 different variations using different text and mixing up link previews, images, and videos so we have 4 very different social media updates all promoting the same blog post!

Variations offer another benefit because you don’t know what might catch someone’s eye at a particular point in time. Someone who scrolls by a link preview might notice a video. Or maybe one image is more compelling than another. Maybe some people in your audience are more attracted to link previews while others have their eyes drawn to images more.

You’ll never know what content works for your audience unless you test it!! And using variations makes that so much easier because once Edgar has shared different variations of your post, you can head into the History Tab to see which variation got the most clicks. Edgar will tell you when each variation was posted and the number of clicks each variation received.

The more variations you create, the quicker you’ll learn whether your audience prefers images, links, or videos, and what types of posts will get them engaging.

post history

variation post clicks history

Here’s the TL;DR on media variations:

  • Only posting a message once or twice is doing a disservice to your content and your community. Social media moves too quickly to take a chance that your entire audience will see your content the first or second time you post it. You need to post multiple times.
  • Audiences don’t like repetitive and boring feeds so if you want to share your content multiple times, you need some variation too.
  • Edgar’s variations tool makes it easy to quickly create a bunch of variations with different content and different media (link previews, images, and videos) and add them to your library for Edgar to post.
  • You can measure which variation had the highest engagement and learn what types of content and posts are most likely to attract the attention and engagement of your audience.

Want to try Edgar’s media variations feature yourself? Sign up for a free 7-day trial and see how easy it is to create a ton of social media posts in a short amount of time!

free trial of edgar

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