It’s the Debut of the New Feeds Manager

We haven’t really seen Edgar around the office lately. Sure, he made a brief appearance on Pizza Friday (which is good, because he’s the only who wanted anchovies) and taco Tuesdays (which was less good, because he ate most of the guacamole), but mostly he’s been holed up in his lab. Working on something big.

And he’s totally geeked out for me to tell you about it.

Edgar’s latest innovation makes RSS feeds easier to load, by giving you complete control through the Feed Manager. He’s crammed a ton of new features into this, including a pending-approval queue and the ability to reject items but keep them from being reimported.

You’ll find the new Feed Manager under the Bulk Actions menu of your library.

Edgar Library

Edgar’s latest writing

When he’s not in the lab, Edgar’s pretty much been locking himself in his study to work on his newest blog posts. He calls it “dropping knowledge,” and here’s what he’s dropped:


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