How to Schedule Posts on Instagram with Edgar

Written by Nancy Rothman

On April 7, 2021
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You asked and we answered! Instagram Scheduling for Edgar is here! Cue the party music!

You can schedule your Instagram posts in Edgar and he’ll take care of sending them straight to Instagram. (Edgar has direct posting, no mobile app needed.)

Instagram is a great addition to any social media marketing strategy. With over one billion users, an engagement rate that is 10x higher than Facebook and engaging features like stories and IGTV, it’s an excellent way to reach even more of your community. Now, Edgar makes it easy to plan, schedule, and post Instagram content.

Let’s show you how Edgar for Instagram works.

1. Sign up for your free trial of MeetEdgar, then connect Instagram account(s). Follow instructions on how to connect accounts here.

2. After you are all set up, you will be able to schedule posts on Instagram with Edgar as you do with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Click the “Add content” button and you can schedule photos, videos and carousel photo posts to your feed or your Instagram story.

Just like your other social media platforms in Edgar, you can create custom categories for your Instagram content. So if you want to create “Motivational Monday” posts or “Behind the Scenes Thursdays,” simply add those categories into your recurring schedule. This can be especially useful if you want to batch your social media posting and create multiple posts all at once.

Edgar can also recycle your Instagram content for you. That way, if you are promoting an evergreen piece of content such as an email lead magnet, webinar, article, training or blog post, you can recycle your posts so that you are continuously promoting it.

Scheduling your Instagram content in advance gives you more time to engage with your followers and other Instagram users. While no one knows how the Instagram algorithm works, most experts believe that engaging with other users, responding to comments and having a consistent feed can help improve your rank in the feed. So you’ll be reaching more of your audience in the same amount of time.

If you need Instagram inspiration, check out a few of our Instagram posts here:


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