Have you noticed all of Edgar’s new features?

As we all settle into the new year, we wanted to take a moment to look at some of the fabulous new features Edgar gained in 2015. And believe it or not, 2015 was Edgar’s first full calendar year in business – we started in May of 2014! Here are some of the biggest changes we made last year…

RSS Importing Made Easier

Edgar’s super useful RSS Import feature, which lets you add a massive volume of content in seconds, underwent some serious upgrades last year. Besides a new, easy-to-use interface, the RSS Import tool also gained Facebook-specific captioning, allowing you to give your Facebook posts different text from your Twitter posts in Edgar. This is a great way to add some serious variety to your social feed!

If you’re still manually adding blog updates to Edgar, well… why? Give the RSS tool a try and see how easy it is to save even more time (and fill up your queue even faster) when you let Edgar handle it himself!

Facebook Image Thumbnails

We make a lot of our changes to Edgar based on feedback from our users – that means you – and one of the most asked-for additions was a thumbnail preview for Facebook images. Ask and ye shall receive! (Unless you’re asking for Edgar’s phone number. He can be shy.) By adding thumbnail views of images for Facebook, we made it even easier to plan your posts using Edgar.

Customize Your Send Times

In 2015, we also added the ability to send out posts at specific times – a popular request among our users! This has opened up a whole new level of flexibility for Edgar, who, being an octopus, was rather flexible to begin with. To schedule a specific time for a post, simply go into edit mode and click the “Send at a specific time” box. This will open up the scheduler and let you do your thing.

Edgar’s Top Posts of 2015…

The Edgar Blog had its biggest year ever – which was easy, because it was also its FIRST year ever. If you’re a new reader, make sure you don’t miss any of the greatest hits, like these:

Plus this brand new post from 2016!

This one is hot off the presses, but it’s already one of our most popular posts ever – so don’t miss it!

So here’s to an awesome new year, for you and for Edgar. Happy 2016!