How to Turn One Video into 111 Pieces of Content Every Week

Written by Laura Roeder

On August 4, 2020

We love hosting webinars with our favorite entrepreneurs so they can share how they market their business and rock their social media. Recently, we sat down with productivity strategist, Alyssa Coleman, to discuss her content upcycling strategy and how she turns one video into 111 pieces of content every week. 

Today, we’re sharing how Alyssa turns one video into 111 pieces of content every single week, and how she posts 55 times per week completely on autopilot — as in, she doesn’t even have to open her computer! Ready to learn Alyssa’s secret? Read on!

This Webinar is Perfect for You If…

First, let’s tackle who is this webinar is for.

  • This is perfect for you if you are or you desire to be an entrepreneur who makes a living from their expertise and their creativity. Coaches, influencers, service providers,  e-commerce entrepreneurs, this is made for you.
  • If you want to start implementing productive systems to achieve your goals, but you don’t want to be spending all your time on social media. We all know how important it is for a business, especially in 2020, to be on social and to leverage that organic growth strategy. But most of us are looking for ways to spend a little bit less time on there. You want to look for ways that you can still have as big of an impact but with less of an impact on your free time.
  • And this is also for entrepreneurs who don’t want to just create more content for the sake of staying relevant. This is not what we’re here for. You’re actually looking for some express route to have that impact and to have the exposure that you really want without needing to just keep creating content all the time – because that can be so exhausting. For most of us, we have important messages to share. But it can start to become diluted if you’re constantly looking for so much to say.

Here’s What We’re Going to Cover

The productive way to leverage your time, while still being everywhere on social. We know those people who just seem to be everywhere. You know those people. You see their ads, You see them speaking on a stage, you saw them on someone else’s story. It seems like they just show up everyone on the Internet. We want you to have that effect of being everywhere without needing to actually be everywhere. Imagine not being glued to your phone and actually having more time, freedom.

Alyssa’s 10-Step Method for How to Turn 1 Video into 111 Pieces of Content Every Single Week

Plus she shares how she set up an automated content recycling plan that allows her to post 55 times per week!

Going on vacation or  just not feeling it?  You’ll still know (thanks to MeetEdgar)  there are 55 pieces of content going out on social  without having to actually do anything.

Let’s get started!

Step 1. Create the original piece of content

This is the most important step! Create your video. It’s where you should spend the majority of your time. In this piece of content, you need to show up as the expert that you are and you need to be intentional with what you’re putting out there.

You only need to create one epic piece of content a week, everything else snowballs. And if you have a team (or if you plan to have a team in the future) your only job is to create the original video. Your team can take it from there – soooo exciting.

So you can create your original video however you want.

  • Film the video with your computer or phone
  • Record a webinar or training
  • Go live on Facebook or Instagram & download that

And this doesn’t have to be a video! If you’re a podcaster, this works for podcasts. Remember the length of this piece of content doesn’t matter. Alyssa recommends keeping it below 10 minutes but it’s the content that matters most, not the length.

Step 2. Share Your Video on IGTV and Youtube

Now once you have your original video, you’re going to share it onto IGTV and YouTube. Why both? Because you’ve got to meet people where they are. So if you’re the type of person who likes to be on YouTube all of the time, but we only post on IGTV, you’re probably not going to see our content.

It takes us two minutes to take our IGTV video, pop it up on YouTube, and then you get to see it! That’s really the mission. You want your content to get in front of  people where they’re already hanging out. So I recommend putting it on both platforms. (Don’t worry — Edgar makes this really easy to do!)

And now you have your first two pieces of content! One piece of content for IGTV, and one for YouTube. We like to call this content upcycling and you can do it with almost any piece of content.

Bonus for IGTV: You can add the IGTV episode to your stories and Instagram gives you the “Swipe Up” option to watch the video, even if you don’t have 10,000 followers!

Extra Bonus for IGTV: If you choose the option “feed preview”, Instagram shares a preview of the video in your feed that week.

So if we post a video on Monday, and it goes into our Instagram feed, we don’t have to post on our feed that day. With Instagram (and most social platforms) you want to use all of their features. This means Instagram Stories, IGTV, live videos, and your feed should all be a part of your strategy.

Step 3. Create Caption Intrigue with the MeetEdgar Five

Now it’s time to really use MeetEdgar to its full capacity by starting with what Alyssa calls “the MeetEdgar five.”

We’ll start by creating caption intrigue using MeetEdgar. The first thing you’ll do is upload the video into MeetEdgar and create five variations of the caption.

Creating five captions helps see how many people we can resonate with, and what language intrigues people to engage with our content.

Then we share those five variations to our Facebook page, Facebook group, LinkedIn account and Twitter. We’re really going for it here!  If you’re on more platforms than that, or less, do your thing here, but this is what we recommend.

To do this in MeetEdgar,  select “Add New Content” then upload your video directly into Edgar and save it into a category (We’ll get more into categories in a second it’s what really makes MeetEdgar a powerhouse.) Adding the video to the Library in Edgar is how I can re-share this video later and recycle it.

Once you add the video write five different variations of the caption that’s going to go along with that video. It’s just five different ways of describing your content. (Find more ideas on variations here.)

After you’ve added the video and variations, tell Edgar what accounts this content is allowed to send to with the account permissions on the left.  In the photo below what you can see is that Alyssa’s sharing her video to three places and she’s already created 17 pieces of content that are able to go out (5 variations for 3 different Facebook pages, a YouTube video, and an IGTV video).

Next we use the “Schedule, send and save” feature. It allows you to say, “Hey, I’ve created five variations that talk about different things in my video. But I don’t want to send out all five this week, and overload all my social platforms, because that might be a little bit much, and people might find that crazy.”

So you go to “schedule, send and save” and it’s like saying, “Hey Edgar, hold this post until this day and time, then send one variation and to all those pages on Tuesday.”

Now, you can repeat the process for LinkedIn and Twitter. LinkedIn and Twitter have restrictions around the videos so instead of sharing the video, Alyssa shares the link to watch the video.

You can copy and paste the variations you previously wrote, select LinkedIn and Twitter, add the YouTube or IGTV link, and then selecting “Schedule, send and save” – just like we did before.

So now we’re all the way up to 27 pieces of content! And you might be wondering, okay, what? How are we already at 27? And here’s exactly how:

  • IGTV video – 1
  • Youtube Video – 1
  • Original video with five caption variations to three different Facebook pages = 15
  • Original video with five caption variations to LinkedIn = 5
  • Original video with five caption variations to Twitter  = 5

For a grand total of 27!

Step 4. Create an Instagram Post

We already added the video to Insta using the “Feed Preview” option on IGTV, but we all know you’ve got to create once and promote multiple times on social media. We want to find ways to leverage the work we’ve already done.

So use what you talked about in the video, or use a variation you already wrote for FB to create an awesome caption for Instagram and put it in a scheduled post.

That brings us to 28 pieces of content.

Remember it’s ok to repeat content!! Not every follower will see every single post you send.  So if you have a great message, remind people about it. It can be as simple as saying: “Hey, if you haven’t yet, go ahead and check out that IGTV video, you can find it here. And this is what we talk about.”

Then you can schedule it in MeetEdgar and tell Edgar to send a push notification on Thursday to remind you to post.

Step 5. The Blog

These videos you create need to live on your website. Posting on your website helps with that longevity factor. If you’re only posting on Instagam, your IGTV posts are going to get buried.

You need your own space on the internet to share your content. Why? Because you can then send more traffic to your website, increase page views, leverage other offers, and grow your email list. Remember, social media is rented space. At any time, the algorithms could shift or the platform could disappear. So we recommend having a blog on your website where your content lives forever.

But if you’re not a writer, or maybe the thought of blogging every single week seems exhausting for you, it’s is OK. What you can do is use the content you’ve talked about in your video in a blog post. You can have it transcribed (Team Edgar uses for this). Then you have great, valuable content in written form for people who like reading blogs. It’s all about content upcycling, baby! Remember, you’ve got to meet people where they are!

So here’s an example of what the blog would look like:

Alyssa recommends:

  • Embedding the video (in case some people who stumble on your website prefer video to reading)
  • An opt-in like a checklist or free resource so you can grow your list
  • A transcript or summary of the video for SEO

Now we’re up to 29 pieces of content and we’re still going!

Step 6. Create Instagram Stories

Once you’ve written the blog, it’s time to have a little fun with your promo. You want to leverage all the different features of Instagram and one of those that is king right now is Instagram Stories. Alyssa and her team create six or more Instagram Stories to promote the video and blog post and then schedules those stories into Edgar.

You have a few options on what to say in these different stories:

  • Use the image that you have in your blog post to create some promos for your story
  • Share some bullet points about what you cover in the video to give people a little teaser
  • Share the IGTV video, add some GIFs and text overlay promoting it
  • Record a few quick videos where you talk about the content of the video and blog (this one is probably the best + easiest thing to do!!)

Then use Edgar to schedule your stories to go out at different times throughout the week.

For those of you keeping score, we’re now up to 35 pieces of content and we’re moving right along to email.

Step 7. Email

All right, let’s talk about the email. If you’re growing a business, emailing your audience is king. You want to make sure you keep the people who are already on your email list really warm and connected to you and your message.

Remember, we’re just meeting people where they are. If they’re the type of person who’s always checking their emails, we want to send them an email and let them know what’s going on with you, that you’ve got a new blog, or that you’ve got a new video.

Alyssa recommends sending an email about your blog post to your subscribers. You can send them to your IGTV or YouTube if you prefer but there’s branding power in sending someone to your website.

So now we’re up to 36 pieces of content – we have social content, blog content, and email content – but we’re not done yet! 

Step 8. The MeetEdgar 5 Encore

Now what’s really cool, now that you’ve written a blog post, you get to do the MeetEdgar five all over again except this time, it’s much easier.

We’re going to follow the same process that we did for the original video, but we’re going to do it now with a blog post. So we’re going to create five variations to share the blog and we’re going to share it with all our platforms.

We select “Add new content,” and tell MeetEdgar we want to save it to the blog post category. And what we get to do here that’s so freaking exciting is we click on Edgar’s “Auto generate variations” feature.

With the click of that button, Edgar is going to automatically go into your blog posts, look for parts of what you’ve written there that are catchy and headline-worthy, and it’s going to automatically write your captions.

So it’s going to actually create all five of these without you doing anything, and it’s really cool because it’ll even shorten some of them for Twitter and stuff like that. And all of this is done for you literally within seconds. (Try our suggested variation feature for free here)

Then you click all the accounts you want to share it to: Facebook group, Facebook pages, LinkedIn and Twitter.

(You can schedule them all at once, you don’t have to do it separately as we did for the video.)

And boom, it’s done. Five variations to five places. 25 pieces of content, totally ready to be recycled & shared this week, all at once. It literally takes two seconds. It’s incredible.

Now, boom, we’re already up to 61!

All of those other variations are now filling up your categories so Edgar can recycle it on an evergreen fashion throughout the year!

Step 9: Pinterest

It’s time to talk about Pinterest! What’s cool about Pinterest is your content lives on there forever. The life of a Pinterest pin is much longer than any other social media post. You get traffic for a long time to come.

So we’re going to create five Pin images for the blog, and five Pin images for the video. That gives us 10 pins.

You can create templates to make this easier. We recommend buying templates from Creative Market or Etsy or creating your own using Visme or Canva.

We then pin to our own Pinterest boards, and we’re also going to start to leverage something really cool about Pinteres: Pinterest group boards. These are a hidden gem on Pinterest.

These are boards owned by someone else and have their own set of followers but the owner can invite other collaborators to pin their content. You want to find some that are for your audience and that relate to the content you talk about. Alyssa recommends starting with 4-5 group boards.

What makes group boards so powerful is they can expand your audience without you having to actually grow your followers. Let’s say you have 5,000 followers. But you find group boards that has 66,000 followers or 70,000 followers or 30,000 followers or 40,000 followers.

By posting on your Pinterest, you are going to get in front of 5,000 people. But by posting into these four group boards, your pins are going to get in front of 200,000 followers. And you don’t have to do the work of growing this audience. They’re already being curated for you. And that’s just with four group boards.

To be a collaborator on a group board, it’s best if you follow the board and interact with it a bit first. Then you can message the person who owns a group board and explain why you think your content is a great fit.

There are group boards for almost everything! Knitting, recipes, you name it! If you like Pinterest, you know they’ve got pretty much everything on there.

So here’s where things get interesting. You’re going to have five Pins for your video and five Pins for your blog post. We want people to be going to both places, whatever they resonate with, whether’s it’s the video or the blog.

We’re going to send 10 Pins to your blog board and the four group boards. So automatically 10 times five is 50. So now we’re sharing this 50 times and as you saw before, we’re getting in front of more than 200,000 people with these Pins!

It’s really, really incredible, and this is when it starts to get exciting because it becomes exponential at this point. Don’t worry about being spammy or anything like that. If you posted 10 Instagram posts all about the same thing, it might be a little crazy. But on Pinterest, that’s not the case. That’s what their platform actually loves.




And so now we have a grand total of 111 pieces of content – just one from one video!

(And don’t you worry because Pinterest scheduling for MeetEdgar is on its way!)

Step 10. The Recycle Method

Now that we have our 111 pieces of content, there’s a little bonus step for you. This is how you can create 55 pieces of content every week! Especially if you’re someone whose been creating blogs for a couple of years and you don’t want all those old blog posts and old videos to go to waste.  Remember your audience is always growing and newer people might want to see those too!

This is where MeetEdgar makes life so easy with the recurring schedule.

What you do is say, “Hey, Edgar, on Monday’s share an old blog post to all my platforms.” And it will go ahead and do that.

And then on Tuesday, “Can you share one of my videos?”

And then on Wednesday, “Can you share about one of my freebies or a webinar that I’ve done or something like that?”

And then on Thursday, “Go ahead and share a different one of my old blog posts, and then on Friday share one of my other old videos.”

So it’s posting one of those things to 11 social platforms every single day. 11 x 5, that’s 55 pieces of content coming from Alyssa Coleman out on to different social platforms where different people are hanging out.

And it’s sharing old content so it becomes fresh again, and it gives it new life and traffic. And by sharing freebies on Wednesday, then there are a lot of new opt-ins and emails coming on a regular basis

As a pro tip we create a few different categories so that the images look right on each platform. For example, you’re not going to share the same blog post image on my Instagram Stories as you would on Pinterest, so you can have an Instagram Blog category in Edgar and a Pinterest Blog category in Edgar.

And there you have it! That’s how you turn 1 video into 111 pieces of content and schedule 55 social posts on autopilot. This is all about leveraging the content you have, upcycling it to make it work for different platforms and share it in different mediums and working smarter, not harder!

About Your Host Alyssa Coleman

Alyssa is a productivity strategist for creative entrepreneurs and the founder of a program called Your Most Profitable Quarter Yet. As a recovering procrastinator, Alyssa became obsessed with figuring out how the Oprahs of the world, how the Marie Forleos of the world, how the Beyonces were running empires, staying creative, but somehow making it all look so easy. They were traveling, they were releasing these incredible records. They were selling out programs and it seems like they were always on social all the time.

And once she figured out how they were doing that, her business took a complete 180. That is when Alyssa’s freedom rebellion began. The freedom rebellion means less time on our phones, less time on social, but still being able to grow our businesses and to have the impact that we want, at the same time. We shouldn’t have to choose between one or the other.

You can learn more about Alyssa on her website or by following her on Instagram or joining her Facebook group.

Want to automate your social media system and share more content with less work every week? Give MeetEdgar a try! We have a free 7-day trial and plans start at $19/month! Sign up here.

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