10 Reads to Get Up to Speed on Facebook Strategy: Live Broadcasts, Groups, Headlines, and More

Written by Laura Roeder

On February 14, 2018

We’ll be the first to admit it:

Facebook is complicated.

Like, putting-together-an-IKEA-grandfather-clock-without-instructions complicated.

Even we get overwhelmed by how much there is to pay attention to, and thinking about Facebook is kind of our job.

So where do you start? With all the different tools to learn, menus to navigate, and smiley-face buttons to click, how do you get caught up to speed on the most important features?

We’ve put together a quick list of must-read guides and explainers about some of the most important topics related to your Facebook marketing – so sit back, start off with a quick reminder on how Facebook decides who sees your updates, and take a look at what some of online marketing’s biggest names have to say about making Facebook count!

Facebook Live

19 Facebook Live Marketing Tactics That’ll Boost Your Brand’s Awareness

We’re kicking things off with a doozy from Neil Patel! We’ve written about how to nail your first Facebook live broadcast on our own blog, and this massive breakdown of broadcast ideas will give you the inspiration you need to create something special. (We’ve actually done some of these ourselves!)

What You Should Do As Soon As Your Facebook Live Broadcast Ends

On Facebook live, your work is never over just because your broadcast ended. Even the most popular live broadcasts often don’t find their audience until after the live part is over – this post will help you make sure your live videos are optimized, so they’re easy to find and watch long after you switch off your webcam.

Facebook Groups

Social Media Examiner makes its second appearance on this list with a simple, step-by-step breakdown of how to create and manage Facebook ads. The ads manager interface can be intimidating at first, but using this guide to get started will make it a lot easier to make every dollar count!

Facebook Engagement

How to Engage Business Audiences: 10 Lessons from the Top B2B Content of 2017

We hear it all the time: How do I market a boring ol’ B2B product on Facebook and make it interesting? First of all – don’t talk about yourself that way. B2B can be fun and engaging, too! Second of all – don’t take our word for it. Check out this post about how OTHER B2B products have made a big, successful splash on Facebook!

The Five Types of “Engagement Bait” That Will Make Facebook Downrank Your Posts and Demote Your Page

Not all Facebook engagement is good engagement – and a lot of strategies that used to be popular will now result in serious consequences for your visibility. Facebook has named five specific types of post to avoid writing, and if you want to prevent restrictions on your reach, you’ve gotta know what they are.

Facebook Links

Get Better Facebook Page Results With These 5 Actionable Tips

Want to get more clicks on the links you share on Facebook? Marketer Rachel Miller has a method for writing headlines and descriptions that combines trust and emotion – take a listen to her advice on this podcast! (Or read the transcript via the same link, if you don’t want to pause your tunes.)

Facebook’s Clickbait Filter Means Your Headlines are More Important Than Ever

Speaking of writing stronger headlines, Facebook does have ways of filtering out ones that qualify as clickbait. Just like with engagement bait, clickbait-style headlines represent something that used to be super popular, but can land you in hot water these days. Make sure you know what not to do!

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