What’s New In Edgar: Advanced Facebook and Twitter Tagging Is Here!

Ever wish you could tag Facebook Pages right inside Edgar?

Or that tagging Twitter users was even easier?

(Can you guess where we’re going with this?)

Because Edgar’s got some exciting news!

Now you can tag Facebook Pages in the updates you add to Edgar – and more!

Here’s how it works!

When you’re adding new content as a Facebook Page in Edgar, type an @ symbol followed by the name of the Page you want to tag – just like you would natively in Facebook!

As you start typing, Edgar will offer you a drop-down of suggestions for who you’re trying to tag. (Having nine brains really comes in handy.)

Don’t you just love the sight of Facebook Pages being able to tag each other?

Plus, @-mentioning other users on Twitter is easier than ever, too!

Edgar’s always allowed you to tag other Twitter users, but now when you start typing an @-mention, he’ll give you a drop-down list of options just like he does for Facebook Pages. You’ll never have to worry about typos in a Twitter handle again!

Want more details on Edgar’s advanced Facebook Page tagging? You can learn more in our help docs right here!