14 Tools & Resources for Social Media Images

Written by Laura Roeder

On November 20, 2019
social media graphics

We live in a time where anyone can quickly snap a photo with their phone, edit it with their phone and then immediately post it to thousands of people on social media. So it’s safe to say that simple text-based social media updates just don’t cut it anymore. Social media images are a necessity.

(Don’t want to create your own images? We’ve got you covered! Download our graphics pack of holiday social media images to use this holiday season.)

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can just post any old graphic and trust the post will take off with likes and comments. You need eye-catching, on-brand scroll-stopping social media graphics. This is no problem for big companies with huge art departments or even companies with just one graphic designer.

But what’s a busy solo business owner to do when they are already doing, well, everything else in their business? First, get yourself educated on a few simple but powerful design tips that will transform your social media graphics. You can find those here.

Then you need to find the tools that will make it even easier to create those stunning graphics. Here are 14 of our favorites here at MeetEdgar.

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1. Canva


showcase canva homescreen

Canva is an ideal start-to-finish graphic design tool that is perfect for non-designers. It’s a drag and drop tool that offers hundreds of templates, fonts and images. One of our favorite features of Canva is you can resize any image with just the click of a button, making it easy to resize graphics for each platform.

Price: Free tier and paid plans start at $9.95/month

2. Easil


showcase easil homepage

Easil is similar to Canva as it’s a drag and drop tool that makes it easy to design graphics from start-to-finish. Easil offers its own library of templates, fonts, and graphics. You can even save your brand kit and favorite designs for quick access. Easil is also fantastic for micro-businesses or anyone who works with contractors as they offer various team tools.

Price: Free tier and paid plans start at $7.50/month

3. Crello


show crello homescreen

Crello is much like Canva and Easil. However, in addition to creating graphics, Crello makes it easy to create animations. Crello has thousands of animation templates and animated objects to give your social media graphics an extra pop of excitement.

Price: Free tier and paid plans start at $7.99/month

4. Snappa


show snappa homepage

Snappa is another drag and drop tool but it is especially useful for creating image-based text for quote graphics or promotional graphics. You can upload your own image or one of Snappa’s, edit it then add text, vectors, or effects on the photo.

Price: Free tier and paid plans starting at $10/month

5. Infogram


show infogram homepage

If you are looking for an easy way to create infographics, Infogram is perfect for you! This tool is ideal if you have a lot of data and want to showcase it in a visual way for your website, blog, social media or a presentation. You can simply choose a template and drop in your data to create a custom infographic or presentation.

Price: Free tier and paid plans start at $19.99/month

6. Over


show over homepage

If you are mainly creating images for Instagram or on mobile, then you need Over. With the Over app, you can quickly brighten or edit photos on our phone. You can add fonts, colors, and layers to your images. Over also has a library of videos and graphics you can use to create images or videos. Over is available for iOS and Android.

Price: Free with in-app purchases available.

7. Unfold


show unfold landing page

If you want beautiful stories, then you must turn to Unfold. Unfold has hundreds of graphics designed especially for Instagram and Facebook stories. You can add your own images into the templates and then add text and stickers on top. You can do all of all this from inside of the app so you can create beautiful stories from anywhere.

Price: Free with in-app purchases available.

8. Wavve


show wavve homepage

Wavve doesn’t create social media images but they do create fantastic audiograms that are perfect for social media and are much prettier than adding a link to a SoundCloud or audio snippet so we included it on the list. You can upload your own audio or video then add animations, GIFs, text, images or what ever you need to create the perfect audiogram.

Price: Free tier with paid plans starting a $10/month

9. Logo Maker


show namecheap logo maker

If you need a logo design to brand your social media image or are looking for some logo inspiration, check out Namecheap’s free logo maker. Choose a design, icon, and colors and you’ll instantly have a professional-looking logo!

Price: Free

10. PlaceIt


show placeit homepage

If you need something for a mock-up with your custom graphics or logo, check out Placeit. You can create mock-up images of apparel, books, Facebook images, phones, computers and more! Upload your logo or custom art, browse through their library and upload your image onto the image you like and have a gorgeous mockup without needing a photoshoot!

Price: $14.95/month



show giphy homepage

What’s a fun social media presence without a few GIFs? Giphy has the largest library of GIFs you can use for your blogs, emails and social media pages. You can even create your own channel and create your own custom GIFs to use!

Price: Free

12. Creative Market


show creative market homepage

Creative Market is a marketplace for designers, artists, and creators. Browse through and shop for fonts, photos, graphics, templates and anything you need to create gorgeous any graphics or design!

Prices: Prices vary by product

13. Unsplash


show unsplash homepage

Unsplash is a free stock photo website. Photographers, artists and creators add to this growing library of free stock photos. While not mandatory, try to credit photographers when you share their images! Unsplash makes it easy when you download your image to copy and paste the credit.

Price: Free

14. Adobe Color


show adobe homepage

If you are creating your own images or color schemes, use Adobe’s trusty color palette tool to find the perfect color schemes for your project. You can also upload a photo to identify the colors and color schemes within the photo. If you are an Adobe user, you can sign in with your Adobe credentials and save your color palettes to use in future Adobe projects.

Price: Free


As you can see, making gorgeous social media images is much easier when you have the right tools! These are just a few of our favorite tools for creating incredible social media graphics but we know there are many more.

So we want to hear from you! What are your favorite tools? Let us know in the comments section.

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