Creating The Perfect Mix Of Social Media Content For Your Business

Written by Laura Roeder

On June 8, 2020

Did you know that Team Edgar hosts daily Facebook Lives? Join us daily as we chat about social media, marketing, business, and entrepreneurship. Here’s a recent Edgar Live all about creating the perfect mix of social media content.


Today we are talking about one of the core philosophies behind MeetEdgar: categorizing your social media posts. Categorizing allows your brand to show up and be multifaceted, and it prevents your followers from getting bored with your feeds. No one wants a feed that’s just full of the same type of post over and over again. So how do you fix this problem? By creating different categories and rotating through them on a normal basis.

No one wants a feed that's just full of the same type of post over and over again. So how do you fix this problem? By creating different categories and rotating through them on a normal basis. Click to Tweet

Creating a brand online these days requires a mesh between your personal brand and your company brand. When it comes down to it, a brand is a bit invisible. It lives inside of your consumers’ minds. It’s how they feel and how they think about your company when they’re not being directly marketed to. Marketing is the exact actions that you are taking to bring customers in, but branding lives inside your customer’s head. It’s the overall feeling you give your audience. Having categories set up will allow you to seamlessly get the emotional appeal and that know, like, and trust factor to strengthen your brand.

What Categories Should You Choose?

There are some types of categories that work well for most industries, like:

  • Thought leadership quotes
  • Business tips
  • Behind the scenes content
  • Questions for your community
  • Your blog posts or podcast episodes
  • Different types of content like video content
  • Curated content
  • Content that is just set up for a good emotional appeal, like those funny memes or GIFs

To create your different types of categories, you need to think about how you can get different information out to people to support them during their day.  How does your ideal client need to be supported at each different moment of the day? These can be some of the strongest ways to use your categories.

  • When they wake up in the morning are they someone who wants to sit down and read one of your blog posts?
  • Or are they someone who wants to be inspired by an inspirational quote?
  • When they get home from work at night, what are they doing?
  • Would they like to sit down and watch one of your YouTube videos?
  • Or do they want to unwind with a really funny meme that your company could put out?

If you have your categories set up in a way that they’re going out at the proper times, you are supporting your ideal customer throughout their entire journey. Your brand then becomes something that is emotionally connected to their day. When your audience is emotionally connected to you, they’ll be more likely to recommend your product or service. Need help creating your categories? Download this worksheet for ideas.

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So when you come into your MeetEdgar account, you’ll notice that our weekly repeating schedule is set up on a category based system.

content calendar

This is where you’re going to be thinking about how your social media content can support your followers throughout their day. Whether it’s providing them a blog post in the morning or a blog post to read in the afternoon, however, you do this you want to be thinking how your community consumes social media and showing up at those times.

Remember, social media is all about experimenting too. Make sure that you’re creating content and letting the market decide. You need to make sure that your followers are actually a part of guiding your content strategy.

Pay attention to things like what categories are providing the most engagement on social media and what categories are really getting your followers to share your content? These are what we call lead signals, those signals that are telling you your strategy is working.

And you can always change your categories to post at different times or frequencies in your schedule inside of Edgar. And of course, you don’t need Edgar to create a category-based schedule. You can set one up using a

If you haven’t experimented before, be sure to download this worksheet and pop into your MeetEdgar schedule today to look at how the categories are supporting your ideal client, your ideal client avatar that you’ve hopefully created for yourself. And start really noticing how you can up-level this.

We can go even further into our category-based system of posting and identify subcategories.  For example, perhaps you have a lot of blog posts.

Instead of just one category for blog posts, you could recategorize some of those blog posts into different categories:

  • How-to blog posts category
  • Brand building/behind the scenes blog post category
  • Technically-oriented blog post category
  • Guest Blog post category

And you can start to rotate through different types of blog posts on different days.

Again, the more variety, the more likely it is your followers will really love your feed.

This isn’t just a guess either. It comes down to human behavior. Personal development speakers like Tony Robbins or like Ed Mylett often speak core human needs. They both say one of those core human needs, that is a main driver of human behavior is certainty. Humans need consistency and predictability to feel certain. You can reinforce this human need by having categories set up so you are consistently sharing certain content on certain days and at certain times.

Now, the other core human need they talk about is the need for uncertainty and variety in human life. It sounds backward but if you think of your own life, it makes sense! If humans get too certain and too bored and too set in our routines, they become a bit dis-engaged in life. The same thing goes for your followers. If you’re only posting one type of content every day and your audience is certain that they’re only going to see that specific content show up all the time in your feeds, they’re going to start tuning you out.

You can make sure you get this beautiful mix of the certainty and uncertainty that the human condition craves by having your categories set up to go out every single day, but rotating through those categories to provide a little bit of uncertainty on what type of posts they’re going to see from you.

So if you’ve never tried a category based system of posting before, download the worksheet to get a jumpstart on your categories.

How to Get More Done In Less Time With Categories

When you go into MeetEdgar and you start loading your social media content into the library, think about how your categories help you be more efficient with your social media scheduling.  Perhaps once a month on Monday you add 20 posts to your quotes category, then once a month on Tuesday you adding 20 posts to your curated content category and so on.

This ensures that when you’re creating content for your followers you’re doing so in a mindset that you’re thinking about the same type of content, the same content messaging and having your brand voice show up in every single status update so that, again, you’re recognizable online no matter where you are. This keeps your brain focused which can help increase productivity!

Managing, organizing, and creating social media content becomes super simple when you start to break down your social media posts into different categories.

We want to make sure here at MeetEdgar that all your questions are answered. If you have any questions about the right categories for your business, please email support at, and we are more than happy to talk advice on how you can use these to the best of your ability.


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