Social Media 2024 Content Calendar | 2024 Holiday Calendar

Welcome to the ultimate guide for crafting your 2024 Social Media Content Calendar!

From National Ice Cream Day to Penguin Awareness Day, it feels like there’s a holiday for just about everything these days. But don’t overlook these quirky celebrations – they offer a fantastic opportunity to craft engaging social media content. These days allow you to showcase your brand’s personality, stay trendy, and connect with your audience.


Plus, we all know brainstorming fresh ideas for social media posts can be tough. That’s why these unique holidays are a perfect solution for maintaining consistent content. To make your life easier, we’ve already rounded up all these important dates and ideas for you!

In this comprehensive blog, we dive into an extensive list of holidays and observances that are great for maximizing your social media engagement in 2024.

Table of Contents

January 🎉

  • New Year’s Day (Jan 1): Share your brand’s New Year resolutions or a celebratory message. #NewYear2024
  • Science Fiction Day (Jan 2): Post about sci-fi inspirations or favorite sci-fi works. #ScienceFictionDay
  • Festival of Sleep Day (Jan 3): Encourage a day of rest and relaxation with cozy-themed posts. #FestivalOfSleep
  • Trivia Day (Jan 4): Engage your audience with interesting trivia related to your brand. #NationalTriviaDay
  • National Bird Day (Jan 5): Celebrate nature and birds, or highlight your eco-friendly practices. #NationalBirdDay
  • Cuddle Up Day (Jan 6): Perfect for posts about comfort, relaxation, and family. #CuddleUpDay
  • Old Rock Day (Jan 7): Share fun geology facts or classic rock music favorites. #OldRockDay
  • Bubble Bath Day (Jan 8): Promote self-care and relaxation with luxurious bath-related content. #BubbleBathDay
  • Clean Off Your Desk Day (Jan 9): Inspire organization with workspace transformation posts. #CleanOffYourDeskDay
  • Bittersweet Chocolate Day (Jan 10): Treat your followers to delicious chocolate-related content. #BittersweetChocolateDay
  • International Thank-You Day (Jan 11): It is a day that serves as a reminder that we ought to express our gratitude to those who have made our lives better in some way #ThankYouDay
  • Work Harder Day (Jan 12): a day for people to do what its name suggests; work harder. #WorkHarderDay
  • National Sticker Day (Jan 13): Showcase your brand’s stickers or favorite sticker designs. #NationalStickerDay
  • Dress Up Your Pet Day (Jan 14): Share adorable dressed-up pet photos or host a photo contest. #DressUpYourPetDay
  • National Hat Day (Jan 15): Post about your favorite hats or showcase hat products if relevant. #NationalHatDay
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Jan 17): Honor Dr. King’s legacy with an inspirational post. #MLKDay
  • National Popcorn Day (Jan 19): Perfect for movie lovers. Share popcorn recipes or movie recommendations. #PopcornDay
  • National Cheese Lover’s Day (Jan 20): A day to indulge in and post about all things cheese. #CheeseLoversDay
  • National Hugging Day (Jan 21): Promote warmth and affection with a post about the power of hugs. #NationalHuggingDay
  • Compliment Day (Jan 24): Encourage your followers to spread positivity by sharing compliments. #ComplimentDay
  • National Opposite Day (Jan 25): Have fun with this day by posting opposite or contradictory content. #NationalOppositeDay
  • National Spouses Day (Jan 26): Celebrate love and partnerships with heartwarming content. #NationalSpousesDay
  • National Chocolate Cake Day (Jan 27): Share your favorite chocolate cake recipe or photos. #ChocolateCakeDay
  • Data Privacy Day (Jan 28): Highlight the importance of data security and privacy. #DataPrivacyDay
  • National Puzzle Day (Jan 29): Engage your audience with a fun and challenging online puzzle. #NationalPuzzleDay
  • National Hot Chocolate Day (Jan 31): Warm up your feed with cozy hot chocolate posts and recipes. #HotChocolateDay

 February ❤️

  • Groundhog Day (Feb 2): Share predictions or fun posts about this quirky tradition. #GroundhogDay
  • World Wetlands Day (Feb 2): Highlight the importance of wetland conservation. #WorldWetlandsDay
  • National Wear Red Day (Feb 4): Encourage followers to wear red to raise awareness about heart health. #WearRedDay
  • National Homemade Soup Day (Feb 4): Share your favorite soup recipes or cozy soup images. #HomemadeSoupDay
  • Safer Internet Day (Feb 7): Promote online safety and responsible internet use. #SaferInternetDay
  • National Pizza Day (Feb 9): Celebrate with posts about pizza recipes, favorite toppings, or local pizzerias. #NationalPizzaDay
  • Valentine’s Day (Feb 14): Share love-themed content, promotions, or heartwarming stories. #ValentinesDay
  • Singles Awareness Day (Feb 15): Celebrate the single life with fun and empowering content. #SinglesAwarenessDay
  • Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb 17): Encourage and share stories of kindness. #RandomActsOfKindnessDay
  • National Love Your Pet Day (Feb 20): A day for pet lovers to share photos and stories of their pets. #LoveYourPetDay
  • World Thinking Day (Feb 22): Share posts that encourage reflection and global awareness. #WorldThinkingDay
  • National Margarita Day (Feb 22): Perfect for fun posts about this popular cocktail. #NationalMargaritaDay
  • Tell a Fairy Tale Day (Feb 26): Share famous fairy tales or create your own brand story in a fairy tale style. #TellAFairyTaleDay
  • National Chocolate Souffle Day (Feb 28): End the month with delicious chocolate souffle content or recipes. #ChocolateSouffleDay
  • Leap Year Day (Feb 29 – if applicable): Celebrate this unique day with special posts or promotions. #LeapYearDay
  • National Floral Design Day (Feb 28): Showcase floral designs or share posts about the beauty of flowers. #FloralDesignDay
  • Black History Month: Celebrate the achievements and contributions of historical and contemporary people of African descent.

March 🌸

  • World Compliment Day (Mar 1): Spread positivity by sharing compliments. #WorldComplimentDay
  • National Read Across America Day (Mar 2): Celebrate reading with book recommendations or literary quotes. #ReadAcrossAmerica
  • World Wildlife Day (Mar 3): Highlight the importance of wildlife conservation. #WorldWildlifeDay
  • National Grammar Day (Mar 4): Have fun with language and grammar-related posts. #NationalGrammarDay
  • International Women’s Day (Mar 8): Celebrate women’s achievements and advocate for gender equality. #InternationalWomensDay
  • National Proofreading Day (Mar 8): Share tips on writing and editing, or post a fun proofreading challenge. #ProofreadingDay
  • National Plant a Flower Day (Mar 12): Encourage gardening and share photos of flowers. #PlantAFlowerDay
  • Pi Day (Mar 14): Celebrate mathematics with Pi-related content or pie recipes. #PiDay
  • St. Patrick’s Day (Mar 17): Share festive, green-themed posts or Irish culture. #StPatricksDay
  • World Sleep Day (Mar 17): Promote healthy sleep habits with tips or relaxing imagery. #WorldSleepDay
  • International Day of Happiness (Mar 20): Share what makes you happy or tips for finding joy. #InternationalDayOfHappiness
  • World Poetry Day (Mar 21): Post your favorite poems or encourage followers to share their own. #WorldPoetryDay
  • World Water Day (Mar 22): Raise awareness about water conservation and sustainable use. #WorldWaterDay
  • National Puppy Day (Mar 23): A perfect day for cute puppy posts and pet care tips. #NationalPuppyDay
  • National Spinach Day (Mar 26): Promote healthy eating with spinach recipes or facts. #NationalSpinachDay
  • National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day (Mar 29): Highlight small businesses and encourage support for local entrepreneurs. #SupportSmallBusiness
  • National Doctors’ Day (Mar 30): Honor medical professionals with appreciative posts. #NationalDoctorsDay
  • Earth Hour (Last Saturday of Mar): Encourage participation in this global environmental event. #EarthHour
  • National Craft Month: Throughout March, share DIY projects or highlight local artisans. #NationalCraftMonth
  • Women’s History Month: Celebrate influential women throughout history with inspiring posts. #WomensHistoryMonth

April 🐰

  • April Fools’ Day (Apr 1): Share a light-hearted prank or funny post. #AprilFoolsDay
  • International Children’s Book Day (Apr 2): Celebrate children’s literature with book recommendations or readings. #ChildrensBookDay
  • World Party Day (Apr 3): Encourage followers to celebrate and share their party moments. #WorldPartyDay
  • National Walking Day (Apr 5): Promote health and wellness with posts about walking and fitness. #NationalWalkingDay
  • National Pet Day (Apr 11): Share cute pet photos or pet care tips. #NationalPetDay
  • International Day of Human Space Flight (Apr 12): Celebrate space exploration with fun space facts or history. #HumanSpaceFlightDay
  • Easter (varies): Share festive Easter content or spring-themed posts. #Easter2024
  • Earth Day (Apr 22): Highlight eco-friendly practices and environmental awareness. #EarthDay2024
  • Administrative Professionals Day (Apr 26): Appreciate administrative staff with a special shout-out. #AdminProfessionalsDay
  • National Arbor Day (Last Friday of Apr): Encourage tree planting and environmental care. #ArborDay
  • National Siblings Day (Apr 10): Celebrate sibling relationships with fun or heartwarming posts. #NationalSiblingsDay
  • National Haiku Poetry Day (Apr 17): Share a haiku or encourage followers to write their own. #HaikuPoetryDay
  • National Picnic Day (Apr 23): Share picnic ideas or encourage outdoor activities. #NationalPicnicDay
  • National Telephone Day (Apr 25): Post about the evolution of communication or telephone-related trivia. #NationalTelephoneDay
  • National Superhero Day (Apr 28): Honor real-life heroes or share favorite superhero stories. #NationalSuperheroDay
  • National Honesty Day (Apr 30): Promote honesty and transparency with thought-provoking posts. #NationalHonestyDay
  • National Poetry Month: Throughout April, share your favorite poems or spotlight local poets. #NationalPoetryMonth
  • Stress Awareness Month: Share tips on managing stress and promoting mental well-being. #StressAwarenessMonth

 May 🌼

  • May Day (May 1): Celebrate the arrival of spring with festive posts or spring-themed promotions. #MayDay2024
  • Star Wars Day (May 4): “May the Fourth be with you!” Share Star Wars-themed content or fun references. #StarWarsDay
  • Cinco de Mayo (May 5): Celebrate Mexican culture with vibrant posts or recipes. #CincoDeMayo
  • National Teachers Day (First Tuesday of May): Show appreciation for teachers with heartfelt messages or stories. #NationalTeachersDay
  • National Nurses Day (May 6): Honor nurses and healthcare professionals with a tribute. #NationalNursesDay
  • Mother’s Day (Second Sunday of May): Share touching stories, tributes, or promotions for mothers. #MothersDay
  • International Day of Families (May 15): Celebrate family bonds with posts about family values and activities. #FamilyDay
  • National Bike to Work Day (Third Friday of May): Promote health and environmental benefits of cycling. #BikeToWorkDay
  • World Baking Day (May 17): Share baking recipes, tips, or host a baking contest. #WorldBakingDay
  • World Bee Day (May 20): Raise awareness about the importance of bees and pollination. #WorldBeeDay
  • National Wine Day (May 25): Celebrate with posts about wine pairing, tasting, or vineyard tours. #NationalWineDay
  • Memorial Day (Last Monday of May): Honor and remember military personnel who have died in service. #MemorialDay
  • National Hamburger Day (May 28): Feature mouth-watering burger recipes or local burger joints. #NationalHamburgerDay
  • National Creativity Day (May 30): Encourage creativity with art, music, writing, or other creative endeavors. #NationalCreativityDay
  • Mental Health Awareness Month: Share tips and resources for mental health and well-being. #MentalHealthAwareness
  • National Photography Month: Celebrate with photo challenges, tips, or highlighting photographers. #PhotographyMonth

June 🌞

  • Global Running Day (First Wednesday of June): Encourage a healthy lifestyle with posts about running and fitness. #GlobalRunningDay
  • National Donut Day (First Friday of June): Indulge your audience with delicious donut photos or local donut shop features. #NationalDonutDay
  • World Environment Day (June 5): Promote environmental awareness and eco-friendly practices. #WorldEnvironmentDay
  • National Best Friends Day (June 8): Celebrate friendship with posts about best friends or friend-themed promotions. #BestFriendsDay
  • National Loving Day (June 12): Commemorate the anniversary of Loving v. Virginia and promote love and equality. #LovingDay
  • Father’s Day (Third Sunday of June): Share heartwarming stories, tributes, or promotions for fathers. #FathersDay
  • International Yoga Day (June 21): Encourage wellness and mindfulness with yoga-themed content. #InternationalYogaDay
  • Summer Solstice (June 21): Celebrate the longest day of the year with sunny, summery posts. #SummerSolstice
  • National Selfie Day (June 21): Engage your audience with a selfie-sharing campaign or contest. #NationalSelfieDay
  • World Music Day (June 21): Share music playlists, favorite songs, or highlight local musicians. #WorldMusicDay
  • National Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 23): Perfect for sharing cute dog photos and promoting pet-friendly workplaces. #TakeYourDogToWorkDay
  • Social Media Day (June 30): Celebrate the impact of social media and its role in connecting people. #SocialMediaDay
  • Pride Month: Throughout June, celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride with supportive and inclusive content. #PrideMonth

July 🍦

  • International Joke Day (July 1): Lighten up your feed with jokes or funny anecdotes. #InternationalJokeDay
  • World UFO Day (July 2): Engage followers with UFO stories, sci-fi content, or space-themed posts. #WorldUFODay
  • Independence Day (July 4): Share patriotic posts, recipes, or celebrate with Independence Day-themed content. #IndependenceDay
  • National Fried Chicken Day (July 6): Perfect for sharing delicious recipes or featuring local eateries. #NationalFriedChickenDay
  • World Chocolate Day (July 7): Indulge your audience with chocolate recipes, facts, or favorite treats. #WorldChocolateDay
  • National Video Game Day (July 8): Share your favorite video games or post about gaming culture. #NationalVideoGameDay
  • National Simplicity Day (July 12): Encourage a simpler lifestyle with tips or personal stories. #NationalSimplicityDay
  • National French Fry Day (July 13): Celebrate with posts about this beloved snack or fry-themed content. #NationalFrenchFryDay
  • Bastille Day (July 14): Share French culture, history, or Bastille Day celebrations. #BastilleDay
  • World Emoji Day (July 17): Have fun with emojis in your posts or create an emoji challenge. #WorldEmojiDay
  • National Ice Cream Day (Third Sunday of July): Cool down your feed with ice cream photos, recipes, or local ice cream shop features. #NationalIceCreamDay
  • National Hot Dog Day (Third Wednesday of July): Feature hot dog recipes or favorite hot dog spots. #NationalHotDogDay
  • International Nelson Mandela Day (July 18): Honor Mandela’s legacy with inspiring quotes or posts about social justice. #MandelaDay
  • National Moon Day (July 20): Celebrate the moon landing anniversary with space-themed content. #NationalMoonDay
  • National Parents’ Day (Fourth Sunday of July): Honor parents with heartfelt messages or family-themed posts. #NationalParentsDay
  • International Day of Friendship (July 30): Celebrate friendship with posts about the importance of friends. #DayOfFriendship
  • National Dance Day (Last Saturday of July): Encourage dance and movement with fun dance-related posts. #NationalDanceDay
  • National Lipstick Day (July 29): Perfect for beauty brands to showcase lipstick shades or tips. #NationalLipstickDay
  • National Ice Cream Month: Continue the sweet theme with ice cream facts, history, or promotions. #NationalIceCreamMonth

August 🏖️

  • International Friendship Day (First Sunday of August): Celebrate the bond of friendship with heartwarming stories or posts. #InternationalFriendshipDay
  • National Sisters Day (First Sunday of August): Honor sisterhood with special posts or stories about sisters. #NationalSistersDay
  • National Watermelon Day (August 3): Share fun facts, recipes, or photos of this summer favorite. #NationalWatermelonDay
  • International Beer Day (First Friday of August): Cheers to beer lovers with posts about different brews or local breweries. #InternationalBeerDay
  • National Underwear Day (August 5): Light-hearted posts about underwear fashion or fun facts. #NationalUnderwearDay
  • International Cat Day (August 8): Perfect for sharing cute cat photos or promoting pet adoption. #InternationalCatDay
  • Book Lovers Day (August 9): Share your favorite reads or ask followers to recommend their best books. #BookLoversDay
  • World Elephant Day (August 12): Raise awareness about elephant conservation and share majestic elephant photos. #WorldElephantDay
  • International Youth Day (August 12): Highlight the achievements and potential of youth around the world. #YouthDay
  • Left Handers Day (August 13): Celebrate the uniqueness of left-handed individuals with fun posts. #LeftHandersDay
  • National Relaxation Day (August 15): Encourage followers to relax and unwind with tips or relaxing imagery. #NationalRelaxationDay
  • World Photography Day (August 19): Share stunning photos or tips about photography. #WorldPhotographyDay
  • National Dog Day (August 26): Celebrate man’s best friend with adorable dog photos or stories. #NationalDogDay
  • Women’s Equality Day (August 26): Honor the achievements in women’s rights and continue to advocate for equality. #WomensEqualityDay
  • International Day Against Nuclear Tests (August 29): Share content promoting peace and the importance of a nuclear-free world. #AgainstNuclearTests
  • National Bow Tie Day (August 28): Fun posts about bow ties, fashion tips, or famous bow tie wearers. #NationalBowTieDay
  • National Burger Day (August 28): Feature delicious burger recipes or your favorite burger joints. #NationalBurgerDay
  • National Beach Day (August 30): Share beach-themed posts, beach conservation tips, or beach day memories. #NationalBeachDay
  • Back to School Season: Throughout August, share tips, promotions, or stories related to going back to school. #BackToSchool2024
  • National Wellness Month: Focus on health and wellness with tips, stories, or challenges. #NationalWellnessMonth

September 🍁

  • International Day of Charity (September 5): Promote and participate in charitable acts and share your efforts. #InternationalDayOfCharity
  • National Read a Book Day (September 6): Encourage your followers to share their current reads or favorite books. #ReadABookDay
  • World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10): Share supportive messages and resources to raise awareness. #WorldSuicidePreventionDay
  • National Grandparents Day (Second Sunday of September): Celebrate grandparents with heartfelt posts or stories. #NationalGrandparentsDay
  • National Video Games Day (September 12): Engage gaming enthusiasts with posts about favorite video games or gaming memories. #NationalVideoGamesDay
  • International Day of Democracy (September 15): Highlight the importance of democracy with insightful posts. #DemocracyDay
  • National Online Learning Day (September 15): Share tips, resources, or benefits of online learning and education. #OnlineLearningDay
  • International Day of Peace (September 21): Promote peace with messages of harmony and unity. #InternationalDayOfPeace
  • World Gratitude Day (September 21): Encourage your audience to share what they’re grateful for. #WorldGratitudeDay
  • First Day of Fall (September 23): Welcome autumn with fall-themed posts, from leaves to cozy vibes. #FirstDayOfFall
  • National Coffee Day (September 29): Celebrate with posts about your favorite coffee or local coffee shops. #NationalCoffeeDay
  • World Heart Day (September 29): Raise awareness about heart health with informative and supportive posts. #WorldHeartDay
  • International Podcast Day (September 30): Share your favorite podcasts or highlight your own podcast if applicable. #InternationalPodcastDay
  • National Yoga Month: Throughout September, share yoga poses, tips, or wellness benefits. #NationalYogaMonth
  • Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15): Celebrate Hispanic culture, contributions, and heritage. #HispanicHeritageMonth
  • Self-Improvement Month: Share tips and stories about personal growth and self-improvement. #SelfImprovementMonth

October 🎃

  • International Coffee Day (October 1): Celebrate with posts about your favorite coffee or local coffee shops. #InternationalCoffeeDay
  • World Animal Day (October 4): Highlight the importance of animal welfare and share cute animal photos. #WorldAnimalDay
  • World Teachers’ Day (October 5): Honor teachers with appreciative posts or stories about impactful educators. #WorldTeachersDay
  • World Mental Health Day (October 10): Raise awareness about mental health issues and share supportive resources. #WorldMentalHealthDay
  • National Dessert Day (October 14): Indulge your audience with sweet dessert recipes or features of local dessert spots. #NationalDessertDay
  • Global Handwashing Day (October 15): Promote hygiene and health with posts about the importance of handwashing. #GlobalHandwashingDay
  • Boss’s Day (October 16): Celebrate bosses with posts about leadership, mentorship, or funny boss stories. #BossDay
  • International Day of Rural Women (October 15): Honor the role of rural women with stories and posts about their contributions. #RuralWomenDay
  • National Pasta Day (October 17): Share pasta recipes, fun pasta facts, or feature local Italian restaurants. #NationalPastaDay
  • Wear Purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Day (October 20): Show support and raise awareness about domestic violence. #PurpleThursday
  • United Nations Day (October 24): Share content about global unity and the work of the UN. #UNDay
  • National Cat Day (October 29): Perfect for cute cat photos, cat care tips, or promoting pet adoption. #NationalCatDay
  • Halloween (October 31): Engage with spooky, fun, or creative Halloween-themed content. #Halloween2024
  • National Pizza Month: Share your favorite pizza recipes or highlight local pizzerias. #NationalPizzaMonth
  • National Book Month: Celebrate reading by sharing book recommendations or hosting book discussions. #NationalBookMonth
  • Global Diversity Awareness Month: Highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion with inspiring posts. #DiversityAwarenessMonth

November 🦃

  • World Vegan Day (November 1): Share vegan recipes, tips, or highlight vegan-friendly businesses. #WorldVeganDay
  • International Stress Awareness Day (First Wednesday of November): Share tips for managing stress and promoting mental wellness. #StressAwarenessDay
  • National Sandwich Day (November 3): Feature favorite sandwich recipes or local sandwich shops. #NationalSandwichDay
  • National Candy Day (November 4): Indulge your audience with posts about sweet treats. #NationalCandyDay
  • Guy Fawkes Night (November 5): Share historical facts or themed posts about this UK celebration. #GuyFawkesNight
  • Veterans Day (November 11): Honor military veterans with appreciative posts or stories. #VeteransDay
  • World Kindness Day (November 13): Promote acts of kindness and share uplifting stories. #WorldKindnessDay
  • International Men’s Day (November 19): Celebrate the positive contributions of men to society. #InternationalMensDay
  • Thanksgiving (Fourth Thursday of November): Share gratitude-themed posts or Thanksgiving recipes. #Thanksgiving2024
  • Black Friday (Day after Thanksgiving): Promote special deals or share shopping tips. #BlackFriday2024
  • Small Business Saturday (First Saturday after Thanksgiving): Support local businesses and highlight small business stories. #SmallBusinessSaturday
  • National Cake Day (November 26): Share cake recipes or features of local bakeries. #NationalCakeDay
  • Cyber Monday (First Monday after Thanksgiving): Share online shopping deals or tips. #CyberMonday2024
  • Giving Tuesday (First Tuesday after Thanksgiving): Encourage charitable giving and community support. #GivingTuesday
  • National Authors’ Day (November 1): Celebrate authors and share book recommendations. #NationalAuthorsDay
  • Movember: Throughout November, raise awareness about men’s health issues. #Movember
  • National Gratitude Month: Encourage sharing what people are thankful for throughout the month. #NationalGratitudeMonth
  • Native American Heritage Month: Honor the history, culture, and contributions of Native Americans. #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth

December 🎄

  • National Cookie Day (December 4): Share your favorite cookie recipes or feature local bakeries. #NationalCookieDay
  • International Volunteer Day (December 5): Highlight the importance of volunteering and community service. #InternationalVolunteerDay
  • National Sock Day (December 6): Have fun with posts about funky or unique socks. #NationalSockDay
  • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (December 7): Honor the memory of those affected by the Pearl Harbor attack. #PearlHarborRemembranceDay
  • Human Rights Day (December 10): Promote the importance of human rights and equality. #HumanRightsDay
  • National Cocoa Day (December 13): Warm up your feed with hot cocoa recipes or cozy winter posts. #NationalCocoaDay
  • Christmas Day (December 25): Share festive greetings, stories, or Christmas-themed content. #Christmas2024
  • Boxing Day (December 26): Share post-Christmas sales, traditions, or charitable giving stories. #BoxingDay
  • National Thank You Note Day (December 26): Encourage the art of gratitude with thank you note tips or examples. #ThankYouNoteDay
  • Kwanzaa (December 26 – January 1): Celebrate African heritage and cultural values. #Kwanzaa
  • New Year’s Eve (December 31): Ring in the New Year with celebratory posts or reflections on the past year. #NewYearsEve2024
  • National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (Third Friday of December): Show off your best (or worst) ugly Christmas sweaters. #UglyChristmasSweaterDay
  • Hanukkah (Varies): Celebrate the Jewish festival with posts about traditions and stories. #Hanukkah2024
  • Festivus (December 23): Have fun with this Seinfeld-inspired ‘holiday for the rest of us.’ #Festivus
  • National Gingerbread House Day (December 12): Feature gingerbread house creations or competitions. #GingerbreadHouseDay
  • Winter Solstice (December 21): Celebrate the shortest day of the year with winter-themed posts. #WinterSolstice
  • International Mountain Day (December 11): Share breathtaking mountain photos or promote mountain conservation. #InternationalMountainDay
  • National Regifting Day (Third Thursday of December): Light-heartedly discuss the concept of regifting. #NationalRegiftingDay
  • National Sangria Day (December 20): Share sangria recipes or feature local spots known for their sangria. #NationalSangriaDay

We hope this calendar will bring your brand tons of inspiration. Bookmark this 2024 social media calendar to stay ahead of key dates and never miss a chance to create impactful content.

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