Manually Create Facebook Image Titles!

Good news, everybody!

Edgar emerged from the lab with an important discovery to announce: if a Facebook preview fails to load, you can now manually create one by typing in a title/description and uploading an image!

Here’s how it looks:


This solves two issues:

  1. Users who have firewalls that interfere with Edgar’s image-scraping abilities can now create their own previews.
  2. You can schedule unpublished content in Edgar and still create a preview.

For example, say you just scheduled a new blog post in WordPress, but it’s not live yet. Previously, you couldn’t create Facebook previews for this post until it went live, meaning you’d have to wait to schedule the post in Edgar. But now, you can use a permalink to the Facebook post to create your Edgar post, then manually create a preview and set a specific time so that the post is published right when the blog post goes live!

It’s way easier than it sounds, so go ahead and give it a try!