Have you seen Edgar’s Library makeover?

Have you checked out Edgar lately? Because he got quite a makeover – and we can’t wait to share it with you!

It’s not just what’s on the outside, either – we’ve implemented some serious upgrades, so navigating your Library is easier than ever!

(That means you can spend a lot less time managing your social media, and a lot MORE time doing literally anything else.)

Here’s a little preview of what’s new:

🐙 Advanced filtering

You can now filter the Library by multiple parameters at the same time! Want to review the updates in your Baby Elephant GIFs category, but only the ones that post on Twitter? Edgar can do that – and a lot more!

🐙 Search by date

You asked, we listened – you can now search your Library by date, and filter down to whatever date range you want! (It can’t predict the future, though. That’s still in beta.)

🐙 Add new Category

Ever realize that you need a new Category right when you’re adding a new social update? Now you can add one on the spot!

The Category drop-down on your Add New Content page now allows you to add a new one, right then and there.

(See? Easy!)

So, what are you waiting for?

Dive on in and check out these awesome new features for yourself!