Meet Edgar: the only app that stops social
media updates from going to waste.

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Stu McLaren

Edgar freakin' rocks. It's shaved hundreds of hours off my workload.

I honestly don't know what I'd do without it now.

Stu McLaren

Most social updates are seen by only a
teensy fraction of your audience.

Time of day, social network algorithms, and a wide range of unpredictable factors limit
the number of people who see any given update. It’s sad, but true:

Social Stats

As updates are seen by fewer and fewer people, social media marketers have to update more frequently than ever to stay engaged with their audiences. The result? Social marketing has become a burden, and one that promises ever-diminishing returns.

Edgar believes in a more dignified solution.

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Get more mileage out of every update.

Edgar is a social media scheduling tool like no other. Instead of publishing your updates just once and throwing them away like yesterday’s rubbish, he carefully catalogues them in a limitless library that you build over time.

All of your updates are sorted into categories that you create and published on a schedule that you choose, so Edgar publishes what you want, when you want it. No manual scheduling, no busywork, and no hassle - just the peace of mind that only Edgar can provide.

After Edgar publishes every update in a category, he simply pulls more from your library. You never run out of messages in your queue, and your handcrafted updates get the chance to be seen, shared, and loved by brand new people.

Brittany Hodak

Edgar takes the guesswork out of social updating and helps us reach more of our fans. When you put so much love and effort into your posts, why wouldn't you want to increase the number of fans those posts are reaching?

Brittany Hodak, named Inc Magazine 35 under 35


Schedule Smarter.

With Edgar in charge of the tedious busywork, you can finally break the never-ending cycle of writing and posting new updates, and spend more of your time on social interacting directly with your audience in real time.

  • You write a social media update and upload it to Edgar, categorizing it for your library.
  • Edgar posts it according to your category-based schedule.
  • The update gets stored in your library. When every other update in that category has been posted, Edgar will post this one again, so it can be seen by a lovely new audience while you carry on worry-free.
Other Scheduling Tools
  • You write a social media update and upload it to your scheduling tool.
  • Your update is scheduled at random for a time that may not be ideal, unless you manually change it yourself. It disappears, never to be seen again.
  • You repeat the cycle every day, forever and always.
Donna Moritz

I'm saving hours on Twitter and can now spend time where it really matters - engaging with others. And I'm already seeing a huge increase in retweets, mentions, and meaningful conversations!

Donna Moritz, winner of the Best Business Blog in Australia, 2014

Categories allow you to use analytics in exciting new ways.

Edgar’s sophisticated system of categorizing status updates allows you to post what you want, when you want, making it easier than ever to increase engagement and achieve consistent results.

By customizing your schedule, you can:

  • Ask questions at the times when you get the most replies
  • Promote your site at the times when you get the most shares
  • Share links at the times when you get the most clickthroughs

With a friend like Edgar on your side, you can do more than just analyze your social performance - you can use that data to your advantage and make every update count.

Jennifer Gresham

My social media performance has definitely gotten stronger since using Edgar. My engagement has shot way up, and I'm seeing my follower counts grow as well.

Jennifer Gresham


Don’t leave your social media up to chance. Start using Edgar today for free!

Edgar currently works with the following:


Works with: Facebook profiles, Facebook fan pages, Facebook groups, Twitter, LinkedIn | No software, downloads, or plugins required | Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and mobile


Get to Know Edgar with a 14-Day Free Trial.

Every day, more people like you are getting cozy with Edgar and making their social marketing efforts go further than ever before. Find out for yourself how much easier social media management can be.

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Tim Grahl

Overall my social media traffic is up 95.72% so I'm getting almost double the traffic from Social Media.

Tim Grahl, author, "Your First 1000 Copies"

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule updates that I don’t want to repeat?

Yes. Edgar comes with a built-in “Use Once” category that you can use for scheduling updates you don’t wish to repeat - perfect for special occasions and one-time announcements.

Does every update I add to the library get published on every social network?

No. When you add an update to your library, you select which social networks it should be published on (you can edit this later). Edgar maintains separate libraries for each of your social networks.

How do I know if Edgar is repeating an update too frequently?

Edgar always defers to recently-added updates when populating your queue. This allows you to add updates on a rolling basis, preventing him from reusing the same updates more often than you’d like.

Is there a limit to the number of categories I can create?

Not at all! You’re free to create as many or as few as you like. Go wild.

How frequent is billing with Edgar?

Edgar offers monthly, no-obligation subscriptions, as well as annual plans with special incentives. If you’d like to sign up with an annual plan or make a switch from monthly billing, please contact us at

Can I connect more than one Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn account to a single Edgar account?

You can connect as many social accounts to a given network as your Edgar plan allows! An agency plan, for example, affords you 100 connections - if you want every last one of them to be Facebook profiles, that’s A-ok with Edgar!

How do I know what to post and when?

If you need a push in the right direction, you might like this article in our Help section. In the meantime, though, when you add or refresh an account, Edgar will offer you a default schedule that you can use to get started. Feel free to add it and customize as you please!

Can I do a seasonal promotion?

Sure! Remember, you can add unlimited categories to Edgar. Try setting up season-specific categories, which you can add to and remove from your schedule throughout the year!

I'm just getting started using Social Media - should I sign up for Edgar now, or wait?

Edgar’s friendly to seasoned pros and total newbies alike. Whether you’re adding a wealth of content from an existing spreadsheet or you’re just starting out, Edgar’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to build, maintain, and manage a full library of social media updates.

What social networks is Edgar compatible with?

Edgar can share updates on Twitter, Facebook (profiles and pages), and LinkedIn (profiles and company pages).

How many status updates can Edgar store in my library?

Edgar gives you plenty of space to grow your library! The Starter plan includes storage for up to 1,000 updates, and the Premium plan gives you room for up to 5,000.

Can I schedule an update to be posted at a specific date and time?

Absolutely! Edgar gives you the option of choosing the exact date and time that an update is shared. You’ll still have the freedom to add it to any of your categories, or to save it as “Use Once,” so that it never repeats.

How do I know what Edgar is going to post and when?

Edgar displays a queue of every upcoming post for the next two weeks, so you can see which updates are scheduled for what times. He also gives you the power to shuffle, delete, or otherwise rearrange them if you wish.

Can I post photo updates?

Yes - Edgar has a deep and longstanding appreciation for the visual arts, selfies included. He supports GIF, JPEG, and PNG files.

Does Edgar require any software or downloads?

No - Edgar works in your web browser without the use of plugins, downloads, or software.

Which web browsers is Edgar compatible with?

Edgar is designed to work in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. He also offers a handy dandy Chrome app, as well as a bookmarklet tool perfect for Safari and Firefox users.

Is there a size limit for the pictures that I upload?

Edgar supports image files up to a hefty 20 MB in size. Images larger than 1000 pixels on their longest side will be automatically resized down to 1000 pixels. (How big is that, exactly? For comparison, Facebook’s large image previews display at 484x252, but should be uploaded at a minimum of 600x315. Science!)

Is there a limit to the number of accounts or profiles I can add to Edgar?

That depends on the Edgar plan you choose! Starter plans can accommodate up to 10 connections, and Premium plans up to 25.

Can I use it for my clients too?

Of course! You can use Edgar for anyone you like, so feel free to mix and match personal and professional profiles under a single account. (Even on our Starter plan, you can connect up to 10 accounts, and they can be any combination you wish. Want multiple Twitter accounts? Multiple Facebook pages? Go for it!) As long as you have admin access to a profile or page, you can connect it to Edgar and use him to post on your client’s behalf, no matter what plan you’re on.