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You know social media marketing is a powerful way to build your small business. But it’s also a hungry beast…

If you don’t keep throwing it morsels of tasty content, the world soon forgets you exist. But the biggest problem, even when you are feeding it? The vast majority of your audience never even sees a word you write. Your content simply disappears…

“I was immediately struck by how powerful the tool was.”

Darren Rowse


What if you could automatically recycle your content, so more people see it and share it?

MeetEdgar. This is how savvy content marketers feed the social media “beast” on autopilot – so content automatically reaches more people, while you do less of the boring manual stuff.

✔️ Automatically recycle your content so every post drives more traffic to your site 

✔️ Build a rock-solid social media schedule and consistent online presence

✔️ Curate the best content on the web, while keeping control of what gets published 

✔️ Win the social media game without feeling that constant pressure to publish

✔️ Get more attention to raise the profile of your business and build authority

✔️ Spend less time on low-value tasks and more on making great content and connections

✔️ So you focus your energy on the really important stuff that’ll truly grow your biz.

“The benefit of this is a never-ending schedule that keeps your social media profiles fresh, while refilling itself without your input. Use Edgar once and you may soon be calling him your BFF.”

Neil Patel


Edgar is perfect for you if…

✔️ You’re spending at least 30 minutes per week managing social yourself

✔️ Or you’re already paying an assistant by the hour to schedule content

✔️ You create original content, plan to, or want to share the work of others

✔️ You have so little time each week it freaks you out (if you’re being honest)

✔️ And you’d rather spend this precious time on work that actually brings in business.

Imagine having a social media manager that works day and night – for a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring one.

“Edgar makes life better.”

Noah Kagan

Founder of Sumo

We promise Edgar will help more people see your content. And you’ll spend less time managing social media.

✔️ If not, we’ll work with you one-on-one to help you get the best out of Edgar. You’re never just a number to us. And you’re going to love our bend-over-backwards-to-help- you support.

✔️ Link 25 social media accounts, with unlimited status updates (including photos). Edgar is mobile-friendly, works in your browser (Chrome, Firefox and Safari), and there’s a handy Chrome extension.

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