Variations: Smarter Social Media Automation

Now Edgar pulls quote-worthy content from blog posts, articles, and news with just one click!

Everything you need to write and schedule great posts and tweets… without writing them!

Automation, without sounding like a robot

It’s more important than ever to sound like you on social media, even when you automate your posting. That’s why Edgar automatically creates natural-sounding variations from any article or blog – all you have to do is click a button and share. It’s practically magic!

(Okay, it’s not magic – here’s how he actually works:)


  • Grab a link to the content you want to share on social media
  • Tap Suggest variations
  • Edgar uses natural language processing to scan the content and gives you the best post options
  • Pick, choose, edit, or delete Edgar’s selections – or you can add your own customized variations instead
  • Track your results using (or your own branded shortened link) and see which one worked best


Edgar’s variations feature makes it easy to fill your content library 5x faster, add more variety to your social posts, and share your most important messages consistently without sounding repetitive or like a robot. 

Fresh content at the click of a button!

An automatic personal touch, for all your social accounts.

Ready to give this social media octopus a whirl?

You’re Not A Robot, So Why Post Like One?

An automatic social media scheduler that actually lets you “set it and forget it”… without sounding like a robot.

category-based scheduling

Organize Your Content

Edgar’s smarter social media scheduler makes workflows a breeze. It’s so easy to organize, schedule & automate!

automated content queue

Automate Your Posting

Edgar automatically creates, shares, and reshares your content across social media. Get started with just 10 posts!*

*Resharing on all supported networks except Twitter.

boost click rate

Increase Your Reach

Edgar gets your content in front of more eyes, without extra spending on ads or paid content!

get back your time

Reclaim Your Workweek

Edgar saves users an average of one whole day’s worth of work, every week! Setup is quick and easy!

What’s your time worth?

Businesses like yours grow when they switch to social media automation!
Edgar works 24/7/365 so you don’t have to.