A Simpler Social Media Tool

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Edgar social media tool

Edgar raises the profile of your business and builds your brand authority – automatically!


Edgar’s the social media tool that keeps your social media profiles fresh and relevant by automatically resharing your best content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Edgar helps businesses like yours get the attention of more potential customers – without extra ad or promo spending. Here’s how he works:

category-based scheduling

Streamline Your Posting Schedule

Edgar’s clean, simple interface makes your workflows a breeze. It’s easy to see and schedule your posts for all major platforms.

automated content queue

Automate Your Content Queue

Your evergreen content will always be posted, no matter what you’ve got going on. Enjoy a totally seamless transition with bulk post uploading.

boost click rate

Increase Social Media Engagement

Boost your CTR when more people see your posts! Edgar’s social media tool is ready to grow when you are, too.

get back your time

Reclaim 8 Hours Every Week

What’s your time worth? More than re-uploading your social posts, we bet! Edgar saves customers an average of a whole day, every week!

See why people like Neil Patel and companies like ProBlogger and AppSumo trust Edgar to be their social media guru!