7 Social Media Post Ideas to Delight Customers

Written by Laura Roeder

On October 14, 2020

When it comes to connecting with consumers, brands know that social media marketing is worth the effort. After all, at least 79 percent of the United States population has a social networking profile, notes Statista. At the same time, plotting a campaign for each of the countless platforms – Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter – can seem an insurmountable challenge. Fortunately, there are seven simple ways to delight your customers while maximizing your social media reach.

social media post ideas

7 Social Media Post Ideas to Delight Customers

1. Prioritize Visual Appeal

Conveying text-based information is likely a priority in your business. But adding visual appeal can boost your messaging power on social media.

When it comes to learning information, humans are visual creatures. You’ve probably realized that your audience likes pretty things, regardless of your industry.

But as developmental molecular biologist Dr. John J. Medina confirms, after exposure to a piece of information, you’re likely to remember only about ten percent of it a few days later.

Add a visual to the text, however, and things change. With the help of a picture, the brain can hang onto 65 percent of whatever information you attach.

Of course, spamming your consumers with unrelated visuals will probably annoy them, and you’ll need to tailor your visual content to each channel.

To delight consumers, add high-quality visuals to your social media posts before hitting publish. Consider A/B testing to gauge interest in your posts – or just watch the likes and engagement tick upward.

2. Invest in Video Creation

Appearing on video isn’t everyone’s dream gig. For brands, though, video is an excellent means of conveying messages and delighting customers.

Consider the astronomical popularity of the video app TikTok: Over 2.3 billion downloads and 100 million users in the United States alone means there’s huge potential for growing your consumer base – that is, if your target audience is mostly Generation Z.

Professionals from every industry – whether healthcare, education, beauty, or retail – have hopped on TikTok and grown their following to viral proportions.

Even if you skip the TikTok videos, adding video to your social media approach can have a significant impact.
Consider this statistic: In one HubSpot study, 53 percent of consumers said they wanted to see more video content from brands. The trend also spanned respondents from age 18 to 55 (only audiences 55+ prioritized newsletters/emails over video).

To make the most of viral video trends, get your brand in front of the camera. From Q&A sessions with your employees to timely demos alongside a product launch, there are tons of creative ways to share.

3. Get Your Head Honcho Online

This might be the simplest step for entrepreneurs: Head online to your personal social media account and post regularly.
Entrepreneurs (and solopreneurs) should prioritize posting on their brand’s top-performing platforms frequently by pre-scheduling through social media automation with MeetEdgar. You may also consider creating your social outlet with a branded app, which could afford you a more direct customer feedback route.

Nowadays, many mobile app development companies create apps integrated with social media. It is a design strategy that can help you promote your brand and social media posts to millions of people worldwide. To make sure you simplify this process, it is useful to read a mobile app developer hiring guide to ensure you find the right professional to manage your app’s creation and launch. Then, post authentic and meaningful content to help engage your audience and ensure you remain visible.

4. Show the Human Side

Especially as your company begins to grow, finding ways to connect on a personal level becomes challenging.
It is essential, though: A [email protected] survey found that 84 percent of respondents said they judged brands and stores by how they treat their workers – making their purchasing decisions accordingly.

Your brand’s personality and the human element can be instrumental in earning consumer support. Behind-the-scenes interviews, posts, or videos can go a long way toward imbuing personality and realness into your social media content. Treating your team well – and showcasing it – is an excellent way to show you’re human.

5. Serve as a Means of Connection

While social media is an excellent way to market your company, at their heart, these platforms are for connection.
Whether you’re encouraging fans to tag one another in a Facebook promotion or inviting followers to share their opinions on a product launch on Twitter, prioritize connecting your audience.

Successful social media campaigns – like those of Coors, Hello BC, Starbucks, Digiorno, and others – encourage users to become more invested in your brand while enabling them to find like-minded users to share with and follow.

6. Prioritize Teaching Moments

Most companies see social media marketing as the path to higher profits. But to preserve your brand’s growth over time, you need to do more than sell to your audience.

After all, Salesforce research confirms that 54 percent of customers don’t believe that companies have their best interests in mind.

Earning consumer trust will be a significant part of your marketing efforts. The question is, where to start?
The answer is deceptively simple: offer value.

You may feel resistant to giving anything – whether product or information – away for free. But for millennial and Gen Z groups, 64 percent are happy to accept “personalized engagement” in exchange for their data.

One way to deliver personalized engagement is with video content. As Think With Google highlights, more than seven out of ten viewers use YouTube to help them solve problems. For that reason, how-to content is massively popular – outpacing even music and gaming videos.

To help your audience feel prepared, smarter, inspired, and even less stressed, brainstorm ways your brand can offer instruction – and don’t ask for much in exchange.

7. Show Off Your Customers

Since consumers prioritize connection on social media, what better way to engage them than to reshare their posts? Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook lend themselves to this strategy quite nicely.

Whatever product or service you offer, people will be talking (and posting) about it. Searching your branded hashtags and even reading follower comments can offer ideas for how to approach customer promotion.

Create a strategy for highlighting customer content, ideas, and feedback – and keep it consistent.

Wrapping Up

No matter what social platforms your brand embraces, your growth potential depends on your marketing approach. And while algorithms and keywords are helpful, aiming to delight your customers should remain your social media strategy’s centerpiece.

With these social media post ideas, you’re ready to begin a social media journey that will draw in your ideal audience and make them feel at home.

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