Refer Friends and Score Rewards with Edgar’s Referral Program!

Attention all Edgar users!

Have you heard the news?

We’ve introduced a refer-a-friend program, so you can rack up rewards for sharing the Edgar love!

If you want to skip to the part where you learn more and sign up, you can click right here to get all the details – we’ll also include the deets at the bottom of this post, though, so you don’t have to click away just yet.

This is something that people have been asking us about for years – literally – so we thought we’d give you a little behind-the-scenes peek at the process that brought us here!

Including this VERY important mystery:

What the heck took us so long?

That’s a fair question!

After all, we launched Edgar way back in 2014, and it took about three seconds before the question of affiliate/referral programs came up.

But we always imagined that a referral program was something we’d prefer to grow into.

Which probably sounds a little counterintuitive, right?

Programs like this are supposed to make growing your company easier – why wouldn’t you want to launch one right at the beginning?

But while it might be true that going this route could have meant a different sort of growth for us, growing quickly has never been as important to us as growing well.

(Which is something we explored back then in this somewhat controversial blog post.)

Our top priority has always been making Edgar as valuable for our users as possible, and when we were starting out, we never wanted the demands or incentives of a referral program to get in the way of that.

But now we’ve grown – a LOT.

As of November 2017, Edgar has more than 6600 users, and has shared more than 23 million social media updates. Every single day, users add almost 11,000 new updates to their libraries!

We’re constantly blown away by the insights we get into what people like best about using Edgar, and how he’s making social media easier for them than ever.

And now that we know we don’t need a referral program to make Edgar a success, we figure it’s the perfect time to introduce one!

How it works – and what it means for you

Based on what we’ve seen from our users in the past, we’ve created a referral plan that pays off for everyone – both you, and the people you refer!

(And because we just can’t help ourselves, we’re calling it The Octopals Program.)

So here’s the short version:

🐙 When you sign up for Octopals, we’ll give you a unique referral link that you can share with anyone you think might like to meet Edgar. Use it in reviews, social updates, your family newsletter, whatever.

🐙 When someone uses that link and becomes a paying Edgar customer, they get $10 off their next invoice.

🐙 For every person who uses your link and becomes a paying Edgar customer, you get $10 off your next invoice – and you can stack as many as you want!

Your referral rewards roll over, too – if you get your invoice down to $0, we’ll start applying rewards to the next invoice!

Want to check it out for yourself and get started?

You can take a look at all the details and apply to participate right here – and if you have any questions, just shoot us an email at!

(Want to get started strong? Check out our blog post featuring three valuable lessons on keeping it real from expert affiliate marketers!)