Create Raving Social Media Fans

Written by Laura Roeder

On June 23, 2020
Did you know that Team Edgar hosts daily Facebook Lives? Join us daily as we chat about social media, marketing, business, and entrepreneurship. Here’s a recent Edgar Live all about how to create raving social media fans.

One of Team Edgar’s favorite books is Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard. Obviously every business wants fans but it’s not enough to just have followers. You want loyal followers, brand ambassadors, and a community around your business. We’re sharing how to develop your own social media strategy so you’re getting the most out of your followers so they become advocates for your brand. Average brands will have average fans, right? And you are definitely not average. You deserve raving, loyal social media fans.

 Offer Amazing Products and Services

The book Good to Great by Jim Collins explores the concept that people don’t talk about good or average service, they talk about bad service and they talk about amazing services and products. You want to be on the amazing services and products side of the spectrum to get people to speak about you with their friends and family. When people speak about your brand, they’re doing you a huge favor and building trust for your brand online because if you hear about a brand from someone you trust, that trust is already built for your brand. You need to go above and beyond when you want social media fans who talk about your brand, and you need to give people a clear way to tell their friends and family and colleagues about what your brand does. Whether you’re a brand who is online or offline, word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful things you can do to really get your sales to increase and to get that awareness out about the fact that you exist.

nielsen report raving social media fans


Consider what sets your company apart from being just another average company out there? It may be a feature of your product or service or it could be your company values. For example, TOMS shoes is a great example of a company that sets itself apart with its values. They are aligned with a specific mission and value to get shoes to those in need. That word-of-mouth marketing exploded because it was such an amazing cause and their customers were aligned with those values so they wanted to purchase from them and support them. So your values could be that unique thing that sets you apart and gets that word-of-mouth marketing.

Are you running a business in a transparent way where you’re putting those values out on social media so that people actually know about them? It can be something as simple that you’re just putting out there, “Hey, I want to change the world through <insert cause> or <insert value>.” That way if someone feels really strongly about that cause or and they align with that same value, it’s more likely they’ll be able to speak about your company in a really authentic, exciting way. Your customers are going to always take notice if you contribute to a good cause so if your company goes out there and participates in charities, let that be known! People love to talk about when they see brands helping to make a change in the world, especially with what’s going on right now, if your company is trying to align with different organizations out there or they’re trying to change their practices, let that be known so that people who have those values are then more connected to your brand.

Set Yourself Apart with Your Packaging

You can also create raving social media fans by having a unique packaging experience, right? We’ve all seen our friends or family or those unboxing videos on YouTube, where people are taking packages that they get from companies that are done in a really unique way, whether the box has some written quotes on them, or whether inside the box of like a makeup company let’s say, they have a lot of confetti and a little burst of confetti comes out when you open the box. It doesn’t have to be that complicated it could be something like a handwritten note, thanking the person with their name on it and telling them a little bit about why you personally love the product, that goes above and beyond to create that experience of having a raving fan. These personal touches can increase someone’s connection to you. Remember, humans like to do business with humans.

Offer Impeccable Service

Service is also a huge one when it comes to creating raving social media fans. How can you go above and beyond? We all know the expectation of writing into a support team is set pretty low. We’ve all written into cable companies or people, and really have had a headache about it, right? Can you be a brand that people love to write to you? So when people talk about a service experience they had, it’s going to be this awesome experience they’re talking about. Especially in this day and age when products and services are so saturated online service is one of the things that can set you apart from other products or services like yours.

Write Unforgettable Copy

Copywriting is one of my favorite ways right now to produce raving fans. If you are an online business, you should develop a really strong sense of how to be a great copywriter.

Derek Sivers is a long-time entrepreneur and online marketing thought leader who first got his start with the business CDBaby, a business where you could have CD shipped to you (this gives you a little insight into how long Derek has been in the game!). Derek first got so much traction and word-of-mouth marketing because of the confirmation email that he sent after someone purchased from him.

So this is a huge opportunity for your brand, any brand can have a confirmation email, whether it’s after booking a call or purchasing from you that provides a fun moment or a fun experience that people talk about. Here’s CDBaby’s confirmation email after you purchase:

cdbaby raving social media fans example

What an awesome email to get. You’re going to laugh if that comes to your inbox, right? This one fun email got him over 20,000 results of customers sharing that online. That is 20,000 marketing messages that are going out online every day of people screenshotting this email, sharing it to social media, sharing it to their blogs, because they thought it was an amazing experience.

That is something with copywriting that you can provide for your business. So look at your emails, your confirmation emails, your billing emails, look for those little ways to make it a little more unique, and to put your brand voice in there to provide your followers and customers with a fun experience, and they will start to talk about it.

You don’t want to be average, you don’t want those emails to just match the exact email everyone else’s. The worst thing you can do for your business is just to be a watered-down version of someone else’s, right? Look for ways to be more unique out there and people will start talking about your brand.

Plus It Up!

To create raving social media fans, you can’t just do the job. You have to have that customer in mind in everything you do. One of the ways that Disney explains this is they have a plus 1%. They call it, “plus it up.” So everything that you do at Disney, before you actually do that action, you stop and think, “How can I add one more percent and plus this up?” Disney does this with their “four keys,” which are their four systems of what their values stand for. So for your company, think about what your core values are and everything that your business does from product to copywriting to customer service should have these values in mind. That’s how you create a consistent company and a consistent brand voice and attract those social media fans who are obsessed with your brand.

For Disney, these four keys are safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency. They’re designed to be in a hierarchy at Disney actually so that safety always comes before courtesy, courtesy always comes before show, show always comes before efficiency. That is the lens you’re going to have when you’re making decisions within the Disney company. Disney has those set so everyone can follow those guidelines so that they provide a consistently amazing experience for everyone at the park. But within that, they have freedom to plus it up. You need to set up similar systems for your brand and give yourself, if you’re a solopreneur, or give your team the ability to have a little bit of leeway to make those choices.

Here at Edgar, we have a lot of leeway when it comes to communicating with our members about what we can do for them, how we can make their experience a little bit better because we know the guidelines and the values that our team sticks to you. One of our values is “Value for value.” So we have leeway in making decisions to ensure we’re providing as much value to them as they’re providing monetarily to our subscription service. Empower your team, take care of your team, so that they’ll take care of your customers and you can get that raving fan effect. Always be consistent, but always be adaptable enough to make that change if it needs to happen, that is what a raving fan company really looks like. And you really want to make sure that everyone in our company has your mission statement in mind, even if you’re a company of one.

We all know that in marketing, what customers are looking for is a desired outcome, whether it’s bringing them more happiness, whether it’s solving their pain point, and your mission, it needs to have that in mind. Let’s take a look at a mission statement from a large company like Microsoft. Their vision actually says they want to get a computer on every desktop in America. So this creates a path to make sure that they’re designing in an affordable way if they’re going to get a computer on every desktop it’s got to be affordable, right? It also guides their way that it’s got to be kind of compact and small. If it’s going to fit in every home in America, it can’t be this huge thing, so that’s going to guide their product design. You need to make sure that you have really friendly salespeople. You need to make sure that your salespeople can talk to a wide array of people with this vision in mind. Every single household is going to have different values, your salespeople need to have this way of talking to them where it resonates. You see how that vision of just getting a computer on every desktop in every home, actually starts to guide the product and guide the sales team and guide the customer support team. That’s the kind of importance of having that vision statement in mind so that every department is working together to get this raving fan experience.

Business owners who understand this and who really encompass this and put this progress in their business, know that this lukewarm sort of idea of, “Oh, I just have to buy this product to solve my pain point,” is not going to give you brand awareness that you want online. You want to feel really good about the systems and messaging that you’re putting out there and how you are getting to know your customer. So if you’re a brand who feels like you don’t know your customer very well, this might be the step you need to take to help really plus up the experience and create some raving fans.

Be Obsessed With Your Customers

Remember, if you are obsessed with your customer’s life, your business is going to reflect that. Go and see what other pages they follow, have some calls, and ask them what podcasts they consume, what YouTube channels they love, what blogs they love to read outside of your own, and then go and consume that content yourself. It helps you get in your customer’s minds about what else they are thinking about on a daily basis, so your content can show up, resonate, and support what is going on in their lives. The better you serve your customers you already have, the more raving fans you’re going to create and the more new customers you’re going to get. Too often, we obsess over getting new customers and bringing in new leads, that we forget about the fact our existing customers are the ones we need to be talking to, the ones we need to be serving because they’ve already proven that they want our product or service.

And if we can serve them in a “plus up 1% way”, with that Disney value in mind, if we can serve them in this way, they’re going to tell their friends then that’s going to bring us in new clients. Make sure you’re getting to know the customers you already have on an intimate level so you can resonate with those new ones that you want to get, as well as taking advantage of word-of-mouth raving fan marketing.

Use Social Media to Show You & Your Values

Another way of getting out there on social media especially, because you know at MeetEdgar we do love our social media, is to talk about who you are. People need a way to talk about you. So if you look at your social feeds and you’re not giving people your origin story, about how your brand started, or if you’re not sharing photos of yourself to give people a little background on what your personality is like, it’s hard for people to then describe your company to their friends.

Make sure you’re not only putting your company values out there and your origin story out there, but you’re thinking about, if someone were talking about your brand, do they have a one to two sentence elevator pitch that they could tell their friend very easily? If you don’t see it come across clearly in your social feeds, add some social status updates in there that give people a couple of sentences that they can use to describe their product or service. This can be a part of your promotions but make sure it’s front and center that you’re giving people their own elevator pitch to use, that will make it much more likely they’re actually going out there and telling their friends and family about this.

This goes back to the fact that people buy from people, right? So when I say, “Get your face out there,” this does literally mean getting photos of you and your team on your social media feeds. This doesn’t have to feel overwhelming either. Let’s say that you want to post three photos a week. If you do a brand photoshoot that produces 12 awesome images of you and your team, and you’re sending out three a week, that’s approximately a month’s worth of fresh brand photos going out on social media, right? If you’re sharing three a week and there are approximately four weeks in a month, that just means you have to get 12 photos. So get out there and get someone with a nice camera on your team. If you’ve got someone with an iPhone 11 take advantage of that beautiful camera that they have, or look for photographers who would perhaps do something in exchange for their services.

Another ingredient that I absolutely want you to make sure you’re using to connect with your ideal clients is to make sure they know why you’re posting everything. Everything on social media should go back to the fact that you are there to serve your followers. You should know exactly why every single post is going out online. To be relatable to your ideal clients you need to really identify with what’s going on in their reality. Seeing your content should not be a chore for your followers. It should be short, sweet and impactful for their lives. Look at your queue in Edgar and make sure you know why your posts are there. (Not an Edgar user? Get your first month free here!)

  • Is it there to make sure you’re getting our values out?
  • Is it there to make sure that you are asking questions to get engagement and get to know your community better?
  • Is it there to bring them a smile? That works too, entertaining posts are a great way to emotionally bond with your customers.

Remember it is not all about getting money for your brand, it’s all about serving and helping your ideal clients. That mindset shift is going to change everything for getting word-of-mouth marketing out there. The easier it is for people to talk about you in a way that you have gone above and beyond for them, the better.

Now, once you’ve created these raving social media fans, what are you going to do with them, right? You want to make sure that you’re thanking them, you’re being generous about it if you see them creating user-generated content online with your product or service, but you also want to harness this in the form of testimonials that you can share on your own feeds. Set up a Google form or a system where your DMing people to ask them to provide you a testimonial. If you haven’t doesn’t this before, it may feel awkward but remember human beings love helping people out, so don’t rob people of that feeling of being helpful. If you need more ideas for how you can harness these testimonials, here’s our systematic process of how you get more testimonials for your brand.

nielsen report social media fans


Be unique, put your whole heart in it, and give people a reason to rave about your brand. Think about what your unique selling proposition is and think about how you can bring that into your social media posting. Follow these tips and we’re sure you’ll have your own raving social media fans in no time!


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