A Week’s Worth of Ways to Market Yourself on Social Media

Written by Laura Roeder

On June 13, 2017

A quick Google search for “how to succeed at business” will give you thousands of results.

(Well, more like 14,400,000, but who’s counting.)

Skimming through most of the top results will leave you with a few lasting impressions at what you need to succeed: a clear position on your product or service, consistency in the actions you take to market your business, and a way to reduce the number of decisions you have to make on a daily basis.

But how do you prioritize clarity and consistency while ALSO reducing the time you spend on decision making?

Super glad you asked! (You totally asked, right?)

Let’s talk about it.

Black Turtlenecks

Ask any computer engineer and they’ll tell you that if you’re doing things more than once, you ought to find a way to automate it. If you can reduce the number of times you interact with something (make decisions about it), you reduce the brain space spent on that thing.

Remember Steve Jobs and his black turtlenecks? He wore one every day because it reduced his need to care about what to wear every day. That brain space was then freed up to work on bigger problems – like fitting every single Spice Girls song into something the size of your back pocket.

As a business owner, you have a lot of things to think about, yourself: writing blog posts, working with clients, creating products, making sales, doing your bookkeeping, watching cat videos – the list goes on.

So while you may not want to go to the extreme of wearing the exact same thing every day, there’s no denying the effectiveness of automating what you can.

One place to automate things is with your social media. For example, you could use a tool that regularly posts and recycles your best updates, so you can then focus on other aspects of your business.

But how do you avoid going complete Black Turtleneck, and maintain an active presence in your social media accounts?

Here’s an idea for every day of the week!

(Just…maybe don’t try actually doing all of these in the same week. Sleep is important!)


Host a Facebook Live broadcast

Want to remind people you’re a real, live human? Take advantage of Facebook’s live broadcasting feature!

You could do a regular Q&A session with your fans, talk about a product you’re promoting, or just connect on a personal level with anyone who tunes in.

By getting on a live video (or even a live audio broadcast), your fans will feel connected to you, and they’ll also get clarity about who you are and why they should hang out with you more. (Just don’t forget about all the stuff you should do after your broadcast ends!)


Spend time in groups on LinkedIn

If your audience is on LinkedIn, Groups can be an excellent place to flex your non-automated muscles. Find a topic you love and a Group you want to come back to again and again, and make your real life presence known.


Participate in a Twitter Chat

You might know that participating in Twitter Chats is a great way to grow your audience – but taking an hour out of your day to get involved might feel daunting with your current to-do list.

When you get your social media scheduled and your updates rotating automatically for you in the background, you can all of a sudden find time to hang out with some new best friends on Twitter! There’s a wealth of Twitter Chats to choose from at any given time – and your followers might tell you about some of their favorites, if you ask.


Host a Webinar

Webinars are a way to make connections with your audience outside of social media platforms – and they can have fantastic returns. While most people use webinars to promote an upcoming product launch, you can also try strategies like hosting a “pitch free webinar” that gathers people together to teach a topic and share what you know.

The great thing about hosting a webinar is that people often share the upcoming event with their own audiences, so you might even see your connections grow over time!

(Also, here’s more info on finding people to watch your webinars.)


Create Instagram Stories

When Instagram built Stories into its platform, marketers responded in droves. These ephemeral photos and videos have been used to promote new services, get personal with followers, and show off just about anything you can imagine, from daily meals to funny moments around the office!

Nearly 1/3 of Instagram’s monthly active users check their Stories every single day. In fact, a decent number of users prefer checking their Stories to checking their main feed – so try making your own to catch their attention!

How do YOU show up?

It IS possible to balance live interactions with automating and recycling your content. In fact, automating your updates is how you give yourself the time for quality, live interactions!

Automating your social media isn’t about turning you into a nameless, faceless robot – it’s about doing more with the time you have.

How do YOU interact with your audience in a non-automated way?

How have tools (like Edgar) helped you free up time to connect personally?

Share your wins in the comments below!

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