“I have had nothing but positive results and feel much more organized”

Yup, that’s what a real customer said about MeetEdgar! Your brand IS your business. So you’re understandably picky about making sure that every status update you send is perfectly *you*.  BUT, babysitting your social is starting to feel like a full-time job. You need to automate, but not in a way that messes with your brand integrity or makes you look like a spambot. Yeah, we got you.

How Edgar Out-Performs Those Other Social Media Tools

"I need to spend less time managing my social accounts"

When we polled our users, we found they saved, on average, 8 hours per week using Edgar. We hear what you’re thinking – “that’s crazy, who spends eight hours per week posting to social media?”

Well, no one spends 8 hours just hitting the post button. They spend 8 hours curating content, writing and editing posts, creating and sourcing images, and all the rest. Other tools require you to do all that work week after week, but Edgar keeps on leveraging and repurposing your hard work. You can even use our feed tools to auto-magically pull fresh content into your social calendar.

"I need to be more strategic about what and when I'm posting"

Edgar loves to make suggestions on your social media strategy! Inside your account, you’ll find suggested content categories, suggested times to post, and even suggested variations on your posts. (Honestly, he can be a bit of a know-it-all.)

Stop your “throwing spaghetti” strategy and let an expert octopus (that would be Edgar) step in. Plus, Edgar’s built-in split testing ensures you always know what’s getting the most clicks, so you can keep writing more effective posts.

"I need to simplify and automate my process on social media"

Edgar goes way beyond the functionality of other social media tools. Edgar’s automation technology mines your content library and uses it to fill up your social media calendar. He keeps your updates in a neatly organized library ready to be repurposed (following your guidelines, of course).

Edgar transforms your haphazard updates into a true social media marketing system that works to promote your business while you do . . . literally anything else.

We ❤️ Entrepreneurs

Check out our plans page and you might be surprised. There are no options for agencies or huge companies. That’s because we’re a female-founded, bootstrapped business who gets to pick who we loooove working with – and that’s you!

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What Our Customers
Have to Say About Edgar

“I was immediately struck by how powerful the tool was.”

Darren Rowse


“The benefit of this is a never-ending schedule that keeps your social media profiles fresh, while refilling itself without your input. Use Edgar once and you may soon be calling him your BFF.”

Neil Patel


“Edgar freakin’ rocks. It’s shaved hundreds of hours off my workload. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it now.”
Stu McLaren


Get your social media sorted, for free!

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