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Multi-Passionate Attorney, Author, and Podcaster Saves Hours on Social Media Using MeetEdgar

“I have used different programs in the past that just didn’t do it for me but I found a home with MeetEdgar.”

Jake Carlson, estate planning attorney, author, and popular podcast host, had a problem. He didn’t want to spend hours a day using social media but recognized its importance for his businesses, podcast, and personal brand. He needed something simple, easy to use, something easy to understand that didn’t require him to spend five hours a day toiling on his social media channels. He needed convenience. And then, he discovered MeetEdgar. “I heard Laura Roeder, Founder of MeetEdgar, on several podcasts, and I thought ‘she’s really pushing it hard, I’m gonna go check this out…I found a home with MeetEdgar.” Learn how Jake uses MeetEdgar to simplify his life to have time to podcast, lead his law firm, and travel the world with his family.

Key Outcomes 

  • Jake is a multi-talented individual. He’s written books and helps families plan for one of the hardest moments in their life. His podcast, “Modern Leadership,” features influential individuals from various organizational sectors like Tia Graham, founder of Arrive at Happy, and Michelle “Mo” Barrett, a retired Air Force pilot and now the author of Pardon My Quirk. Because of his varied endeavors, he desperately needed a single, convenient library to consolidate all of his podcast episodes, saved quotes, and social media posts. So, he turned to MeetEdgar to meet his needs.
  • Instead of spending countless hours on social media, posting new content, and sharing podcast updates, Jake uses MeetEdgar’s post variations to post 20-30 different iterations of a single post. He repurposes content like a pro.
  • Jake uses MeetEdgar’s Feedly integration to share other content from other thought leaders in his industry. He has thousands of quotes he has saved in an Excel spreadsheet since he was eight years old. Those quotes now also have their home in MeetEdgar’s Content Library. 

The Challenge

Jake had used many other social media planning tools in the past. Still, none seemed to meet his needs for a clean, intuitive interface, post categorizations, Content Library, and post variations. More than anything, he wanted to keep up with his audience’s need for regular content without investing too much of his time managing it. 

Then, upon listening to a podcast one day, he found out about MeetEdgar. 

The Solution

Upon using MeetEdgar for the first time, Jake knew this application was the one for him. He uses almost every feature available to him. He organizes his social media channels into network-specific categories he likes to call “buckets.” Each category has its own posting schedule and its own posts specific to the platform. He takes advantage of the MeetEdgar Chrome extension to integrate with Feedly, a robotic information aggregator, so he can reshare inspirational quotes from other thought leaders in his industry. 

Jake especially loves the post variations, because he can transform one piece of content into 20-30 pieces of content. This is especially important for Twitter with its stringent posting rules, as you can’t send the same exact tweet multiple times. All he has to do is enter in his post variations either manually or by using our suggesting tool, and he has a week’s worth of tweets.

“I love how easy it is! I put all 20-25 tweets in at a time, and I love it!”

Jake uses the variations as an A/B testing tool. He’ll test different headlines, phrasings, and pull quotes to find which version has the most interactions and resonates with users.

The Outcome

As an avid podcaster, Jake’s a natural at connecting with others. His ability to connect is a skill he uses through all of his work as an attorney, an author, a father, and particularly when he uses social media. Jake pays attention to his audience, listening to their needs and wants, constantly updating his MeetEdgar Content Library in order to feed users the content they need when they need it. As a result, he has a growing channel of active, dedicated followers and we’re glad MeetEdgar can be a part of it.

“I’m an advocate for this company. I joined in the early days. I heard Laura on a number of podcasts and I said ‘she’s really pushing it hard, I’m gonna go check this out.”

“I have used different programs in the past that just didn’t do it for me but, I found a home with MeetEdgar.”

“I’m a customer for life. I’ve been treated so well here that you can count on me each and every year to re-up my membership.”

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