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How a Fitness Coach Grew His Business to 13K Facebook Followers with MeetEdgar

“The value that you guys are delivering is absolutely amazing. I’m really thankful that you exist.”

Joseph Arangio, founder of Arangio Athletic Fitness, needed to find a way to provide valuable and educational content to his existing clients, as well as grow his brand through social media. As a business owner, author, and television host, he struggled finding a social media tool that would allow him to manage multiple accounts for his various business ventures all in one place. After discovering MeetEdgar, Joseph was finally able to organize and repurpose his content. Now, he’s grown a massive online community on Facebook.

Learn how MeetEdgar helps Joseph repurpose his content to educate and add value to his followers.

Key Outcomes:

  • With social media posting on auto pilot, Joseph is able to focus on investing in his multiple passions, from coaching to book writing to television to building his personal brand.
  • The Arangio Fitness Facebook page has grown a massive following of 13,000 people.
  • The team can plan authentic, behind-the-scenes content months in advance to maintain a transparent and trustworthy reputation without having to spend hours creating new content each week. In fact, Joseph spends just 2-3 hours each week repurposing and scheduling content in MeetEdgar. In fact, he’s gotten so organized and efficient with MeetEdgar that he has his content scheduled out a month in advance to give him the flexibility and breathing room he needs as a multi-passionate business owner.
  • Joseph’s growth potential is now endless – he can manage up to 25 social media accounts in one place, so there’s nothing preventing him from expanding his empire.

The Challenge 

Joseph wanted to use social media to offer his existing clients engaging, educational content to keep them on track in between coaching sessions. At the same time, that content needed to be relevant and valuable to potential customers so he could continue growing his business. He needed a tool that would easily allow him to repurpose, organize, and categorize his already-existing content, such as his weekly email campaigns, motivational quotes he’s collected over the years, and tips from his book. 

The Solution

When looking for a social media tool to help him distribute his content, he was struck by MeetEdgar’s Content Library feature, which allows him to categorize the type of content he publishes, as well organize posts for his other business ventures. Planning social media for so many channels and topics can easily become overwhelming, but with the library, he was quickly able to categorize his content and create tons of post variations. 

One strategy Joseph uses to get the most of his content is to repurpose his email newsletters and batch them into social media posts. The process is simple: he dissects the emails to find tidbits that would be great for social media posts and has his designer create engaging graphics to complement the copy. Because everything Joseph shares on his platform is free information, this strategy helps him upcycle that valuable email content without having to reinvent the wheel every week.  

In fact, Joseph has a reminder in his calendar that alerts him to “repurpose daily email lesson in MeetEdgar.”

He does a three hour sprint on Mondays from 9am to 12pm, where he writes all of his email content and repurposes it into social media. He works a month ahead (perks of working at Men’s Health in his twenties – he’s got the internal clock of a publisher). 

The Outcome:

The key to Joseph’s success has been honing in on quality over quantity.  After nearly 25 years of fitness coaching, Joseph has built an impressive library of evergreen content, from written copy to video, that he can repurpose and schedule in MeetEdgar for his followers to reap the benefits of over time. 

“My whole MeetEdgar account only has about 1,000 posts, but they’re content rich posts. So for the folks out there, especially who are fitness and nutrition coaches, you don’t need 10,000 pieces of content.”

As a result, Joseph has gained a massive following from around the world of people who rely on his advice and motivation to live a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Joseph uses MeetEdgar’s Content Library to schedule out posts to multiple accounts out the same time, from his personal Facebook to his coaching page to his private group.

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