How Social Media Management Tools Impact Your Reach

How social media management tools can improve your reach and engagement

Social media management is essential for reaching your audience effectively. Whether you’re sharing a video or a written post with captivating visuals, social media management tools ensure your content reaches as many followers as possible. You also don’t have all the time in the world to create and post every piece every day. So, it’s no wonder you might choose to use social media management tools — like a scheduler. Effective social media management can save you time and increase your reach.

You also might have heard that the social media platforms you’re posting on will know you’re using social media tools and that they’ll reduce your social media reach because of it.

But that’s only half true: Yes, these platforms may know that you’re using social media tools. But no, you won’t find yourself with a reduced audience because of it.

Let’s dive into what’s really going on and how you can really make a difference when it comes to the size of your audience and the reach of your content.

What Is Social Media Reach?

Social media management involves understanding your reach, which is the number of people who see your content. Reach is different from engagement which measures how many people interact with your post. It’s important to measure your social media reach so you can understand the percentage of people who interact with it.

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Debunking The Social Media Myth When You Use Tools

The truth is that social media management tools, including scheduling posts, do not negatively impact your reach. Some say the rumor or myth began back in 2011 when the practice of having native content “boosted” by Facebook’s algorithm came to light.

But since then, Facebook’s algorithm has been updated many times and both the social media channel itself and practical research into the matter indicate no difference between scheduled and natively posted content.

So, the good news is that there’s no reason to avoid social media tools.

And now that you know the myth is just a social media urban legend, the question remains: If it’s not a social media management tool limiting your social reach, then what could be?

Quality Content

One way to figure out what might be hampering your social media reach, since it’s not a social media tool, is to explore the types of content you’re sharing with your audience.

Do you know what topics or types of content do best with the people who follow or engage with you?

It may be “how to” posts, inspiring quotes, or your “behind the scenes” sneak peeks that get the most traction.

It’s also important to post consistently. Whether it’s every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or you’ve created a system for posting with your team that provides daily content to your followers, consistency is essential here.

This makes you a dependable source of information and entertainment for your followers and can give you a reputation for creating opportunities to engage with your followers, clients, and customers.

This is one huge reason social media tools, like Edgar, can really help your social media marketing. Edgar will help keeps you consistent because he recycles your posts so that your evergreen content keeps posting automatically. And using our category-based system, you can be sure you’re posting a good mix of content on your social media accounts.

The key here is to focus on creating amazing content consistently. And speaking of consistent…

Get The Timing Right When You Post

Another factor that might impact your social media reach is the timing of your posts.

Do you know if your audience is really getting to see the things you post when they’re online? Do you know when they’re active online?

Are there any days that your posts see greater reach than others?

These questions can help you understand your follower behavior and you can grow your reach using what you learn.

And if you use a social media management tool, like Edgar, you can set your schedule to always post at those best times — even if that time isn’t exactly convenient for you! You can set up your social media schedule to post content from a specific category at a specific time every week. For example, maybe you want to post your inspirational quotes every Monday morning at 8 am. Just add that time slot into your category and Edgar will post an inspirational quote every Monday morning!

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Aside from copy, visual content, and calls to action, posting at the right time can make all the difference when it comes to engagement and traction for your best pieces of content.

Skip Promotions That Feel Salesy

While the idea of sounding “ too salesy” might feel subjective, the social media channels themselves have indicated that if a piece of copy or content reads too promotional, it might have its reach reduced. So, especially when it comes to a larger platform like Facebook, if your calls to action are too direct (Ex: Buy now!) or your copy is too pushy without context (Ex: Enter to win a Tesla now!) there’s a chance they may demote your post.

Instead of going full “used car salesman” on your audience, opt for posts that are focused on your audience, on engaging with them, and on adding value along the way. Effective social media management involves creating engaging, value-added posts instead of overly promotional content. This is another reason we really recommend using a category-based system to organize your social media posts. You’ll have a healthy balance of promotional posts and value-added posts.

Social Media Engagement

And when it comes to adding value, nothing is as powerful as real connection. So, say yes to scheduling your posts and then say yes to engaging with those who see them and react to them.

In fact, you may find it helpful to create a schedule for engaging with your social media following so that you make the most of your time (And if you’d like more tips on how to be more productive on social media you can check out this post).

When you engage actively with your audience you can also predict how future posts might do and expand your reach.

And, if you’re not doing this regularly you could definitely be missing out on a wider audience.

Monitor Your Social Media Metrics

So, how do you know if the well-timed, value-added, actively-engaged approaches you’re trying out are making a difference when it comes to your social media reach? 

How can you decide what to post next or plan for an even larger audience over time?

Effective social media management involves monitoring your metrics to understand if your strategies are improving your reach.

Our best advice: Stay consistent and check your progress and adjust the course as needed. All the social media platforms offer their own insights into how your posts are performing. You can also use Google Analytics to understand how your socials are driving traffic back to your website. (Learn more about how to measure your success with Google Analytics here.)

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While the simple act of checking your metrics won’t by default impact your reach, the information you glean from your review of your key performance indicators will.

When you discover that a particular time of day gets you increased engagement or that a specific type of post gets shared more than other pieces you create, you can begin to give your audience more of what they really want when they really want it.

The Truth About Social Media Tools

Social media tools can help you post your content more consistently without impacting your social reach.

So, feel free to use it to post consistent, high-quality content when your audience is online and engage with them as they interact with what you’ve created.


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