Meet Your New AI BFF, Inky! How to Create Posts with AI That Grow Your Online Audience

Entrepreneurs are skilled at being chameleons. Not only are they required to have general expertise in admin, project management, and customer service, but today’s hyper-connected world also demands that the roles of social media marketer and content writer be added to the list. For many business owners, the relentless call for fresh, engaging content can quickly lead to burnout, particularly for those less confident about navigating the many differing social media platforms.

Enter your intrepid social media team: Edgar and his new AI assistant, Inky! While Edgar helps you automate posts and repurpose evergreen content, his sidekick Inky helps you create posts with AI by generating captions tailored to your chosen subject and tone. Today, we’ll give you the full rundown on this new MeetEdgar AI feature and share how integrating Inky into your current social media workflow can help boost your online presence and grow your business. We’ll also detail how AI tools have begun to reshape the world of social media in 2024. Let’s get into it!

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Who’s that Squid…it’s Inky! Introducing Edgar’s new AI assistant 

Make room, Edgar – there’s a new set of tentacles in town! Meet Inky, Edgar’s new social media AI writer tool, designed to help users generate high-quality, targeted AI captions for their online content. With Inky, MeetEdgar users can automate the content creation process more easily, with quality suggestions for captioning that can help deter writer’s block and inspire greater connection with your audience. 

When it premiered, Inky made quite the splash with our users, racking up over 500 queries within the first 2 hours of being live. Users enjoy Inky’s intuitive features, like his ability to provide relevant hashtag suggestions for each caption. Plus, they can choose the style of their smart copy from an assortment of tones, including Colloquial, Contemplative, Analytical, and Witty. Inky is conveniently located right inside Edgar’s Content Composer, making it super easy to assimilate AI writing into your current social media workflow. 

Using OpenAI’s models and API integration, MeetEdgar created Inky as an upgrade to its all-in-one content composer system. With an added AI content writer tool, users can easily automate and schedule weeks of content without ever having to leave the MeetEdgar app. Now, MeetEdgar users can:

  • Pull high-quality content from a content library with no storage limitations
  • Schedule and automate content with ease
  • Provide AI-generated captions for every post
  • Repurpose and recycle evergreen content without scheduling by hand
  • Provide auto-generated variations on every update
  • Monitor engagement with history and performance data

If you’re a current subscriber on either our Eddie or Edgar pricing tiers, you gain automatic access to Inky, with FREE Inky credits that replenish each month.
Those on the Edgar tier receive 50 monthly credits, while Eddie tier customers get 15 credits. Customers who would like additional credits can purchase them
in-app. MeetEdgar legacy customers can access this new Edgar AI tool by converting their accounts to a current Eddie or Edgar plan. 

3 ways Inky makes it easier to grow your business on social media

Social media is both a visual and a language-based medium. Every photo and video post requires written context, and that’s not accounting for text-only platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Threads. Having to constantly pen daily captions for multiple social media channels can feel like a Sisyphean task for a busy entrepreneur. A few sentences here and there quickly add up, especially for business owners who don’t consider themselves to be amateur essayists. 

With our Inky AI tool, hours of writing can be reduced to mere minutes, making for a more palatable, self-led social media management practice. Here are four ways adding Inky into your social media routine can help boost your social media reach and grow your business. 

1. Inky helps you maintain social post consistency

Any pro social media marketer will tell you: consistency is key when it comes to social media. While many business owners have every intention of posting on their socials with regularity, often what seems like a relatively quick task can actually balloon out to significant time spent. Locating and compiling content, editing visuals, loading and scheduling, writing captions — it’s no surprise that many solopreneurs fall off the social media bandwagon for weeks during periods of overwhelm in other areas of their lives. 

Here’s where your AI content generator comes in clutch. While Edgar helps automate the posting process, Inky cuts down the content writing portion of social media management. Users can simply give Inky a prompt, choose a suitable tone, check the Hashtag Suggestions box, and voila — a quick, impactful caption is provided in seconds. 

Not only that, but Inky can help maintain overall consistency in brand voice, a helpful feature for accounts with multiple users. With Edgar and Inky, the task of posting daily or even weekly becomes immediately less daunting. Simply load in your posts, queue up captions, edit to your brand preferences, and you’re done!  

2. Inky can help grow your hashtag strategy

Hashtags are an important part of any social media marketing strategy. In the past, claims have been made that hashtags are an ineffective way to reach your audience on Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), Tiktok, or LinkedIn, but the data shows otherwise. In fact, adding just one hashtag to an Instagram post brings an average of 12.6% more engagement than posts with none. On X, consistent hashtag usage can mean an 18% increase in message association and an 8% increase in brand awareness. For TikTok, hashtags are a critical component to getting found by other users or landing on the highly-contested For You Page. And industry experts recommend adding 1-5 relevant, industry-specific hashtags per LinkedIn post to maximize discoverability and make the most impact per post on the platform. Clearly, hashtags are still highly effective for reach and engagement. 

Now, Inky users can check a box to generate targeted hashtags as part of every caption — or leave it unchecked for channels that don’t require captions. Inky simplifies the hashtag research process and helps ensure that hashtags are never accidentally left out of a post. 

3. Inky offers versatility in tonal options, allowing for more specificity in cross-platform posts

Inky helps users to mold their caption content to fit the tone of the platform they’re posting to. While you might choose a more informal tone of voice on Instagram or TikTok, Inky offers an easy way to strike a more academic or professional tone for LinkedIn or Google Business. Users can specify which platform they’re requesting a caption for, and Inky will make adjustments to suit the specified social media channel. 

Rather than spending the brainpower to make edits to the same post on seven different platforms, Inky can modify captions to fit every social media channel, saving on time spent tediously altering the same caption repeatedly. Plus, with 21 categories to choose from, users can ensure a consistent match for their intended brand voice. 

Inky is conveniently located within Edgar’s content composer workflow, making it even easier to make AI-generated captions part of a simplified social media scheduling workflow. Users can schedule weeks in advance without having to leave the app. By streamlining the social media scheduling process, Inky saves you precious time and energy that can be spent on more important tasks, like running your business!

Source: Hootsuite Social Trends

How AI-powered content is transforming the way businesses do their social media in 2024

According to OpenAI Founder and CEO Sam Altman, within the next year, “it’ll be unthinkable not to have intelligence integrated into every product and service. It’ll just be an expected, obvious thing.” Today, artificial intelligence is helping businesses to achieve greater heights of productivity, scalability, and customization. With AI data analysis, sales, customer service, and marketing tools, businesses can automate manual tasks and quickly gain insights into customer preferences and engagement levels. By assimilating AI tools into their business processes, companies are achieving greater productivity and scaling at levels that previously may have been impossible. 

In the world of social media, this translates to more than mere automation. Businesses now use AI in social media to help target customers through performance predictions, SEO-optimization, social listening, analytics, content generation, and more. Here are some of the ways that AI is transforming the face of social media as we know it. 


Many businesses now use AI to boost social media reach and engagement levels. AI algorithms gather and analyze user data, helping companies personalize content feeds toward user preferences and behavior. For example, Facebook currently recommends 15% of feed content from non-followed accounts using AI.

AI can also automate and personalize interactions through chatbots, allowing for quick-fire responses to common user inquiries and comments. Snapchat revealed that two months after releasing its own AI-powered chatbot, more than 150 million people had sent the bot over 10 billion messages. AI-driven personalization assists in social media advertising as well, targeting ads based on user activity and profile data. Personalization through AI has quickly become key to finding success on a saturated social platform. 

Content Creation

The world of AI content creation has exploded in recent months, thanks to the availability of generative AI copy and imagery through tools like OpenAI and DALL-E. Not only are businesses using AI for content ideas, but they’re taking advantage of the many AI content generation tools that have appeared on the market in the last year. Companies are now able to automate nearly every segment of their social media content processes, from initial strategy to scheduling. AI can:

  • Use data and insights to suggest content that will target an ideal audience
  • Generate copywriting and images that match a brand’s voice and style 
  • Optimize that text for SEO, adding in relevant keywords and descriptions
  • Optimize posting times to ensure maximum viewership
  • Provide smart social media scheduling options
  • Analyze audience response and help monitor brand reputation

Using AI for social media has streamlined the job of content optimization, making it easier to make adjustments, run A/B tests, and measure the effectiveness of a social media strategy. 

Trend Predictions

AI has accelerated the world of trend predictions through its ability to analyze huge amounts of online data and spot emerging patterns and preferences. Advanced algorithms detect tiny shifts in user behavior, far ahead of human ability. They track user engagement, hashtag usage, account interactions, and even sentiment analysis to determine future trends and make product recommendations. 

The results of AI predictive analyses are promising. For example, Pinterest’s AI-powered “shop the look” recommendations led to a 9% increase in conversions. With AI trend predictions leading the way, businesses are able to laser in on a stronger content strategy, using relevant, up-to-the-minute AI data for more impactful content and a greater connection with their audiences. 

 While there are untold benefits to using AI in your social media strategy, there’s no AI algorithm powerful enough to subvert human interaction or creativity. As AI advances forward, it’s important to remember that it works best as a collaborative tool, not as a replacement for human innovation.


For many solopreneurs and small businesses, having a consistent social media presence on multiple platforms can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Rather than having to outsource to a social media management team, businesses can take advantage of the combination of AI-powered tools and automation that MeetEdgar offers. 

With innovative AI tools like Inky, now it’s even easier to grow an online presence while running your business full-time. By combining Edgar’s tools for social media scheduling and content repurposing with Inky’s ability to generate AI captions suited to every platform, entrepreneurs can ensure that their social media channels remain active and showcase their brand effectively. 

As accessibility to powerful AI tools continues to spread, businesses of all sizes are now able to harness the powers of AI to streamline their workflows and grow their brands, and the field of social media is no different. Embracing AI in your social media strategy isn’t stepping into the future – it’s being proactive in the present. By using these tools collaboratively, you can streamline your social media management, saving time and expenses while continuing to grow your online presence to where you want it. The expansion of AI tools in social media has only just begun, and we’re excited to continue to share how it can help you find success in your business!

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