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Lately we’ve been wondering: if we were just starting to blog – or if we were looking for a blogging “refresh” – what would we do? What would we need? Where would we look for help?

Meet Edgar's Secret Blogging Formula

Well… the secret’s out! We tapped into our collective blogging brains (and drew from some pretty amazing MeetEdgar posts) to put together a quick-and-thorough eBook of resources and inspiration: MeetEdgar’s Secret Blogging Formula.

Our 100% FREE eBook can help you:

 Find inspiration to write amazing posts
 Get more attention from catchy headlines
 Discover your voice and a focus for your blog
 Drive a ton more traffic to your site

Sound good so far? There’s also a lot about the inner workings of what’s worked for us: why we post what we do, how we actually get down to writing, and how we automate as much as we can without sacrificing our voice. (You’ll totally never guess how we do that.)

Plus, readers get our curated resources list – a real, solid list and absolutely no junky or spammy sites – to make your blog look and feel like a million bucks:

 Seriously high quality free photos
 Social media and email marketing guides
 Essential social media promotion tools to take more off your plate

Okay, no more spoilers – you can download our guide for free right here!