Understanding Social Media

An Optimization Guide


What are some tools I can use to make this easier?

Start by checking out some social media automation tools, like MeetEdgar, of course! (You probably knew we’d say that.) We’ve also put together a BIG list of other killer online time-saving tools – a lot of which are 100% FREE.

But back to Edgar for a sec: You work so hard on your content, so why only share it once? Edgar is particularly useful in re-sharing older content via social media. That’s a big deal for your SMO, and here’s why:

By scheduling your “evergreen content” to be shared over and over again on Facebook and LinkedIn, you are getting more value out of your social engagement efforts – and you don’t lose any of the relevance you gain from real time engagement with your fans!

scheduling content with Edgar

MeetEdgar's Platform-Specific Guides

Looking for more help with social media? MeetEdgar has the expert answers to your questions about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more!

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