Understanding Social Media

An Optimization Guide


How do I get people to share my content?

Creating great content is the first step to getting shares, but the second step – making it EASY for people to share it – is just as important.

You’ve probably noticed on other websites and blogs that they’ll have little buttons that say things like, “Tweet this” or “Click to share” – those are things that you can add to YOUR website, too! It may seem like an unnecessary addition, but making it even just a teensy bit easier for the people in your audience to share your content can make a HUGE difference.

Optimizing your SMO includes technical things – like adding images, share buttons/links, social media icons, rich snippets, and title tags to your posts – and non-technical things, like creating quality content that’s also shareable, like infographics and “quick read” type posts. (Even offering fans the option of a newsletter sign-up can increase traffic!)

To understand how to create content people actually want to share check out this blog post that explains the top 5 reasons why people share content online.

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I’m concerned about internet “trolling.” Is it good or bad to allow comments on my website (on a blog post, for example)?

Allowing comments is usually a good thing. Social media allows you to directly engage with your fans and followers, and you want them to be able to engage right back!

You may, however, consider an approval system for your blog’s comments section. This means that comments won’t appear in real time, but instead you’ll be notified when somebody leaves one, and be given the option to accept it or not. This can prevent both spam and harassment.

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