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A selection of the most common questions we get about Twitter

How many times a day should I update Twitter?

There’s no “perfect” answer for how many Tweets you should send out every day. Your volume could seem high or low depending on the thousands of other people that your followers are also reading.

In general, you can never send out too many @mentions. Mentions are the main tool for conversation on Twitter, and the more conversation, the better. (We recommend against adding dozens of @mentions to random Tweets, though.)

As far as regular Tweets or status updates, one-to-three times a day is great — any amount is generally fine, as long as you’re consistent. If you can’t sign on to Twitter every day, no biggie!

What is the best time of day to post to Twitter?

There’s no hard and fast answer to this question. Users tweet every millisecond of every day, from all around the world!

The simplest answer? Your Twitter schedule should reflect the behaviors of your specific audience. Once you start tweeting more frequently, you’ll get to know how best to craft your own Twitter schedule.

Should I automate my Tweets?

Sometimes it’s hard to be on Twitter consistently. Most people tend to be more active one day and then off Twitter entirely for several days or weeks at a time. One of the things people like best about Twitter is that you can hop on or off, guilt-free.

But even when you’re posting consistently on Twitter, your Tweets are only seen by a fraction of your audience. And thanks to spam bots abusing the platform, Twitter has decided to disallow any tools that automatically post content to Twitter for you.

The good news is you can still use social media management tools like Edgar to organize and store your ideas — like whenever you come across a link or resource that you want to share. But we’re working on some exciting compliant options and alternatives… stay tuned!

Does Twitter offer paid promotion?

Besides the free tips listed above, Twitter also offers paid promotion.

Just like with Facebook, Twitter lets you set a budget and runs promoted Tweets for a set amount of time. You can tailor who sees the Tweets by targeting users by keywords in their timeline, interests, geography, gender, and similarity to existing followers.

What are Twitter Trends and should I follow them?

trending on TwitterTwitter Trends — sometimes referred to as Trending Topics — show you what major conversations are happening on Twitter, as they’re happening.

For example, when a big sporting event is on, you might see the Trends list dominated by the official hashtag for the event, player names, or even memorable phrases from coaches!

You can click on a Trending Topic to see Tweets about that topic from who you’re following and the millions of others talking about the same thing. Sometimes tweeting about a Trending Topic — especially if it’s a shared experience or event — is a great way to pick up new followers!

Should I use Twitter for customer support?

Many, many companies already do! Why? Twitter is a way for customers to connect with you in real time – whether that’s to alert you that your site is down or for an urgent matter that needs attention from your customer support team.

It’s also a great way for you to receive feedback and collect accolades – after all, what better social proof is there than hundreds or thousands of happy customers, sharing their experiences with their followers!

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