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Looking good, tweeting better: A Twitter marketing strategy primer

Did you know that 69% of people following a small business on Twitter later went on to purchase from them? That’s a BIG an online marketing opportunity!

Whether you’re brand new to Twitter, or you feel like you’ve tried everything, here are a few tips that will help you lay a solid foundation for successfully marketing your business on Twitter.

First thing’s first: Personalize your Twitter account

If you’re a “solopreneur,” we recommend using a picture of yourself over a logo – for a more personalized Twitter experience for your fans and followers! (You can use a business logo or graphic for your Twitter banner, if you like.)

If you’re a small business, however, definitely showcase your logo! Make sure any image file you use is high quality, so your logo looks amazing whether you’re on web or mobile.

Next, spiff up your bio! A compelling Twitter bio is a key factor when someone’s deciding whether to follow you. Twitter makes you keep it short, so think carefully and don’t be afraid to write a couple of versions and ask people you trust what they think. (Don’t forget to include a link to your website or blog, too, so your potential customers can find you!)

Twitter Tip

Browse the bios of brands and people you follow and admire – what stands out about them? Do you notice trends in the bios of your favorite Twitter accounts? Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from creative, catchy brand bios!

Once your profile picture, banner, and bio are set, it’s time to start tweeting to your fans!

How to engage with your fans and customers on Twitter

First, let your current mailing list know you’re on Twitter. That will give you a good base of potentially interested followers.

From there, simply start tweeting! We know – it’s sounds too easy, right? But it’s just like riding a bike – you’ve got to start pedaling in order to keep moving!

You can tweet about things happening in your industry, cool things you’ve learned, conferences you’ve attended, resources you use and love, or about any number of relatable things that happened to you throughout your day.

People will show more interest in your business if they feel a connection to you, so be your best self, be kind, be helpful, and have fun!

There’s really no wrong way to get started, as long as you remember that tweeting is just another way to have conversations with your followers and customers.

You can even use Twitter as an outlet for customer service – allowing you to respond to issues quickly and in real time. (Studies show that people prefer Twitter to email, live chat, phone calls, and even in-person customer service!)

How to find more Twitter followers

Start by searching for relevant accounts and hashtags. Follow other companies/profiles whose products, services, or interests relate to your own – without being direct competitors. These accounts will be more likely to be interested in what you tweet… and also in following you back!

Then, be sure to Retweet and @mention fans of your business and the accounts that you follow. An added benefit of following like-minded accounts is that you’ll have plenty of material to Retweet to your own followers – so you don’t always have to come up with brand-new talking points.

How to keep your fans coming back for more

We researched some of the key stumbling blocks to building a strong Twitter presence. You can read all about them in more detail here. Basically, here’s what we figured out:

  1. The majority of your followers don’t check Twitter on a daily basis.
  2. The ones that DO average just 60 seconds on the platform each day!
  3. The “half-life” of a Tweet is incredibly short, and most people won’t see it – even your biggest fans!

If you’re feeling discouraged… stop! There’s a TON of opportunity to make a splash on Twitter, you just have to follow a few simple rules to make the most of your Tweets:

  1. Figure out when YOUR best times for posting are using Twitter Analytics. (It’s free!)
  2. Write your Tweets in advance. This saves time and builds a library of content you can use quickly.
  3. Be sure to engage with followers in real time, and don’t be afraid to start conversations!

Twitter Tip

Keep your @mentions to a minimum to avoid unintentionally “spamming” people with your Tweets. Unwanted @mentions can turn people off and lead to them reporting you, so stick to writing a Tweet with useful/funny/interesting/inspiring content first and foremost!

Should I have separate business and personal Twitter accounts?

No. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of having multiple Twitter accounts, then struggle to keep up or figure out which update to post to which account. Managing multiple accounts can easily become a headache and a hassle. Plus, Twitter is cracking down on people who post the same things from multiple Twitter accounts.

So start with one Twitter account, and then if you feel that you have the time and energy for the upkeep of a second account, you can always add one later.

Twitter Tip

You’ll generally have a much easier time amassing followers as a person, not a brand, so consider and develop your Twitter persona carefully before you get started.

How do I get people to go from Twitter to my website?

Strategy is gonna be your differentiator. Driving traffic from Twitter to your site takes both great content and a lot of persistence – both of which require planning and dedication on your part!

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to maximize your chances of being seen. Here are two easy-to-follow guides we put together that show you how to avoid common Twitter marketing pitfalls. As you can see, we love backing this stuff up mathematically!

Is Twitter useful for B2B marketing?

Yes, but it’s a little different from B2C marketing! For B2B, Twitter is most useful for staying in touch with prospects, previous clients, and referral sources – not so much for generating sales.

In most B2B scenarios, you don’t need to amass tons of Twitter followers. Instead, use Twitter to stay on the radar of those who refer your work or potential partners. Think of it like a networking tool as opposed to direct marketing or sales.

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