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How to create Twitter content your customers will actually love

What kind of content should I post to Twitter?

The same kind of content you’d like to see! Everyone enjoys compelling, humorous, and interesting stuff that sounds like it’s coming from a real person — on Twitter or elsewhere!

Your Twitter feed is a great place to show off your personality. A common mistake entrepreneurs make is only tweeting links to products or deals, which gets super boring, super fast. People will learn quickly to skip over your Tweets if you come across like an infomercial – that is, if they don’t unfollow you first!

That doesn’t mean you should NEVER post about product updates or special offers! But Twitter is best used to share genuine, personable, short-and-sweet content with your followers.

So ask questions of your followers, run polls (Twitter makes that super easy to do), curate content through Quoted Tweets – and don’t forget to include relevant hashtags!

Twitter Tip

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Is there an ideal number of Tweets and responses I should send every day?

By engaging with people yourself! When you leave meaningful comments on your followers’ tweets, even share their content, you’re putting in motion what’s called the law of reciprocity — a simple psychological technique. 

It means when you do something nice for others, they feel the urge to return. For instance, when you leave comments, lots of your followers will feel the need to return those comments. 

But before you go about leaving comments on your followers or prospective buyers’ content, make sure you write engaging tweets. You can learn about this in our handy guide that shows you how to write Tweets that engage your followers – and drive people from Twitter to your website. The super-basic rundown of our guide is as follows:

  1. Make people curious. Tweet stuff that piques your followers’ interest, but doesn’t give away the whole story upfront.
  2. Share things… even reshare them. A large number of tweets are made every second of the day, which means each tweet’s audience is teeny-tiny. So you can always reshare tweets. Bonus points for tweaking the content a bit!
  3. Make Twitter one part of your overall content strategy – not the only part! The potential for reaching customers on Twitter is awesome, but to be as effective as possible on social media means you’ve got to diversify. (And make sure your fans are on Twitter in the first place!)

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How do I say what I want to say in 280 characters?

Savvy marketers know that in our miniscule-attention-span world, content has to be smart and short to attract attention. So think of Twitter’s “limitation” as a way to optimize your content – and develop new ways to entice customers to click!

If that’s not enough, adding images and videos to your Tweets is always a good idea. They catch the eye and illustrate (or emphasize) the point you’re making. Here are some of the most popular image types you can test out with your followers.

If that’s still not enough, Twitter’s Website Cards give you not only the usual amount of space, but also an image, and the text in the automatic link preview. Check it out:

When is it okay to take a Twitter conversation to Direct Messages?

If a conversation would be better completed in private, then a switch from a Twitter conversation (which anyone can see) to DMs (which are between you and one other person). This can happen for many reasons: The 280 character limit doesn’t provide enough information, or perhaps a customer would rather not over-saturate their personal Twitter Timeline with business matters.

As long as you’re following the customer and they’re following you, you can either request the customer to send you a DM or you can simply embed a “send private message” link in a Tweet:


Tweet on Twitter to send private message

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