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Social media marketing 101

Does social media marketing really work?

Look at it like this: 93 percent of all marketers use social media for business.

Social media marketing budgets consistently increase every single year.

And did we mention that using social media to market your business is FREE? So yeah, it works. And more and more people are catching on all the time – so if you aren’t already active on social media, you don’t want to sit around waiting much longer.

Is social media marketing really free?

It’s as free as you make it! Virtually all social networks are free to use – you’ll never spend a penny setting up or using a Facebook account, for example.

Expenses like promoted posts and advertisements are always an option, but you don’t necessarily need those – especially if you have a great content strategy.

Yet that’s the place most people get tripped up! If you don’t have the right direction and a solid content strategy, social media marketing can be a SERIOUS time suck.

That’s why some companies actually hire people to handle their social media marketing – they just don’t feel like they have time to put a strategy together AND manage the day-to-day of social posting.

But if you invest a little time in learning the ropes yourself, you’ll save a ton of time AND a ton of money down the line.

spend money on social media marketing

So, when do you spend money on social media?

While it isn’t necessary to spend a dime on marketing through social media, there are a few times that it may make sense to invest a little money:

  • You decide that you want to try some targeted campaigns through social media – meaning, paid ads aimed at specific demographics.
  • You come to a point where your business is growing and you simply can’t juggle running your business and managing all of your social media channels effectively and consistently. In this case you might want to try Edgar, our helpful social media automation tool that will keep your social media feeds filled with your great promotions, products, and content.
  • You can also look into hiring a social media manager/virtual assistant if your business is growing faster than you can keep up with. There are tons of VA services that can help (and other timesavers to try out, too).

Who can you hire to do your social media marketing?

We understand – you hire people to do your taxes, plow your parking lot, and deliver those giant jugs for the water cooler in your lobby. So when it comes to your social media marketing, you might also want to have someone handle the day-to-day stuff.

Social media marketing is a tool for having conversations with your audience, and if someone is going to be interfacing with them on a daily basis, it should be someone who knows them AND your business very, very well.

Instead of hiring a stranger, invest in a one-time training program that can get you or whoever handles your marketing up to speed. We created Social Brilliant specifically so that business owners can empower themselves and STOP relying on unpredictable outside help. (And it’s FREE.) 

What type of data should I be tracking?

That depends on your goals! If you’re just trying to funnel traffic to your website, you can use Google Analytics to track how much of your site traffic is coming from social media.

If your ultimate goal is to build brand recognition, on the other hand, you may want to focus on more specific data, like where your social media followers come from, what times your posts get the most attention, and which types of posts get shared the most – tools like Facebook Insights can help you out in that department!

You can also take a look at our Unboring Guide to What Your Social Media Statistics Actually Mean.

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