Social Media Automation

A Skeptic's Guide


Will people know that my social media is automated?

They might! Automation is becoming more and more mainstream – especially for businesses and agencies – so your fans and followers don’t necessarily assume that you’re sitting at the keyboard the instant every update gets posted. It is increasingly becoming the new normal.

That being the case, automated social media updates should never, ever be insincere.

Laura Roeder

Automation doesn’t bother consumers, but insincerity does.

If your update doesn’t make sense at the time it’s published, it hurts your credibility. In other words? Don’t wish your followers “Happy Holidays” in June. (Unless you’re a Flag Day enthusiast, in which case, go right ahead.)

Consumers demand authenticity. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to automate your social media and still sound like a human. Using social media automation tools like Edgar doesn’t replace real interaction, but instead help you share your authentic self (or brand) with more people.

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