Social Media Automation

A Skeptic's Guide


Why shouldn’t I just keep updating my social media in real time?

Almost everyone begins by updating their social media in real time, because it’s how we manage our personal accounts. Something happens, or you have an opinion that you want to share, so you post an update. It’s a spontaneous thing, and has been since cavemen first live-tweeted the invention of the wheel.

Managing a business account, on the other hand, requires different things of you – most significantly, time.

Writing and publishing multiple posts per day is a time-consuming exercise, and performing it in real time forces you to regularly stop whatever else you’re doing.

It’s distracting. It adds undue pressure to your life. This is how ulcers form.

Your business needs to update its social media accounts consistently, and the best way to achieve consistency is automation.

Social media automation means your updates get posted on time, your followers get the content they expect, and your day goes on without the constant interruptions.

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